Monday, January 21, 2008

Meeting Up with Ex-colleagues

On Saturday, I met up with 2 of my ex-colleagues (YL and S - from the company I left 7 years ago) at Secret Recipe. CB didn't join us, he just played driver. YL brought her son along so XY had a friend to play with. They are the same age, just 3 weeks apart. I think they have a common mission - to tear the place down. They were playing catching, pushing each other around and making a lot of noise.

CE on the other hand, behaved like an angel. He was very quiet, munching his Honeystars (finished the whole container at one go) and smiling most of the time. He didn't fuss much. Probably coz Kakak kept him busy with snacks and biscuits. So with XY busy with her new friend and CE busy with food, I was able to chat with my friends. Just have to keep an eye on the kids and remind them to stop running around or stop pushing each other every now and then.

After the get-together, we went to Mid Valley Megamall (MV). Finally, I bought a pair of sandals for myself (have been looking around for weeks) at Robinsons. When we walked to The Gardens, it was not raining. But while we were at Robinsons, it rained so heavily. Luckily now they have a covered walkway connecting MV and The Gardens, unlike the last time we were there. It was so weird that on both occasions we went to The Gardens, we went in when it was dry but when we wanted to leave, it was raining cats and dogs.

It was time for dinner and we went to Amarin Heavenly Thai, our main reason for going to MV. We just love the food there. This time we ordered quite a lot of dishes - appetizer, salad, fish, chicken and vegetables. That's quite a lot for 2 adults and a child, no? It was the first time we tried the appetizer platter (prawn wanton, money bag, spring roll, fish cake and rice craker) and it was very nice (very unhealthy though, as it's all deep-fried stuff). But very tasty and crispy. We were stuffed to our chest when we finished. Now I'll leave you to drool over these pictures. hehehe


Yatie said...

been to amarin few times but never tried them

Bryan's Mama said...

i love amarin too!!! and the steamed siakap....YUM!!!!!!!!!!!

Health Freak Mommy said...

I love Thai food too, esp the green curry and pandan chicken. Yummy!

Tot's Mom said...

Thai food... yummy! The problem with Thai food in HK is that they are always not spicy at all. They tend to make it very mild for Hong Kong taste.

Hazel said...

i ate the thai steam siakap b4 but it is too spicy

slavemom said...

Yatie, u r oso a supporter of Amarin?

Paik Ling, *slurp slurp* ;)

Shireen, yes, I love the green curry too.

Audrey, can request for extra spicy when u order?

Hazel, yeah.. vy spicy but really 'chi kek'! hehehe