Saturday, March 22, 2008

22 Months Old

How time flies! CE will be celebrating his second birthday in 2 months' time. I've not measured his weight and height recently. Here are some updates on his behaviour and antics.

Speech Development
There's more improvement in his speech development. He's more willing to imitate what we say when we try to teach him a word. Previously, there're certain words which he doesn't say out, and he just use his hand gestures. For example, he'll put out his palm for 'please' but now he says "chees". And instead of nodding his head, now he says "yes".

He's very possessive towards me. I cannot hug anyone else except him. If I hug hubby or XY, he'll come and push the person away. So we like to use this to disturb him. During bedtime, if he still walk around the room playing with other things, hubby and I will hug each other. Then he'll quickly climb up the bed to separate us. After a few rounds of that, he gets the idea that he has to stay put on the bed. :)

He likes to hit people with his bare hands or holding an object. We are all his victims, except PaPa. I pity jie jie coz sometimes he does hit very hard (can hear a very loud thud sound). Other times, he'll chase jie jie while holding his hand high up with a toy, wanting to hit her. He thinks it's a game and he kept laughing while jie jie runs away from him. I've to always stop him when he gets too excited... or too violent. And he likes to hit my hand/palm, probably because I smack his when he touches things that he shouldn't.

Eating Preference
He's more interested in what others are eating compared to his meal. Well, his food is still quite bland - no oil and no salt. At home, after he's finished his meal, he'll come and disturb us (asking for our food) when we're eating. He's happy even if we just give him a few grains of rice. When we're eating out, he'll be eyeing on our food and refuse to eat his. So when we are at restaurants, he normally won't finish his food. We'll have to give him snacks and biscuits for the rest of our meal, if we want to eat in peace.

He's been having runny nose since last Sunday. And he's still got some mucus. Now he's able to blow his nose when I ask him to. It's really good that he can blow out the mucus. I feel so satisfied when I press one side of his nose and he blows out a lot of mucus. LOL

Toilet Training
Yesterday evening, I tried to let him go diaperless for awhile, before taking his bath. I brought him to the toilet every 30 minutes and he's able to pee when I go "shhhh... shhhh...". But after dinner, he peed in the living room floor (luckily not on the sofa). It was not even 30 minutes after his last toilet visit. Probably coz he drank a lot of water during dinner. Looks like he's not ready yet as he doesn't know how to tell us. I think I'll need to let him wear training pants and not just go diaperless if I want to start toilet training. But for passing motion, he can tell us 90% of the time.

Motor Skills
He's getting better at sorting shapes. He's able to fit in the shapes (flower, star triangle, square and circle) into the right slots.
He can now kick a ball. Last time when he tried to kick a ball, he tend to step on it, then fall down.


Tot's Mom said...

Hope he will get well soon. As for toilet training, takes a lot of patience, huh?
By the way, I have started a new poems blog to transfer all my poems from a website. Can we exchange links for this new blog?

wen said...

he will stop hitting, gotta explain to him over and over again lor

jazzmint said...

looks like he's doing pretty well, mine is really far fetch from CE and they are just few days different...

V likes to hit ppl also aiyo...that day I ask him massage my back, end up he hit me so hard LOL.but syiok oso lah

jacss said...

aiyo, kesian jie-jie...seems like this lil boy is bullying her without 'bad' intention lar....

wah..yr boy so possessive wan ahh, ma have to be very 'careful' wif loukung at night lor, hehehe....

Bryan's Mama said...

wah....he is very advanced liao....time flies!

BabyBooned said...

hope he'll get well soon! poor CE.

his development is amazing :) i'm very impressed that his 90% toilet trained when he poos. how did u do it? please give some tips!

Anggie's journel said...

oh .. coming to 2 years old liau ... any big planning ? :)
oh, he quite jealous hor .. Jeremy also cant seeing me carry others baby, he will cry very loud like i m leaving him :(
What is the best age to potty train har ???

slavemom said...

Audrey, he's fully recovered edi, thx! Yup... it takes a lot of patience n time n energy, esp when they're not really ready yet.

Wen, yeah... it's a matter of time. Just hope he stops b4 some1 gets seriously injured. LOL

Jazz, wah.. got a personal handsome n cute masseur. ;)

Jac, u tell me lah, where got chance to be 'careful' leh? :D

Paik Ling, time waits for no man. :)

Babybooned, he's ok edi, thx! But I'm down with sorethroat. :(
No special tips to share coz he was vy cooperative since young (13+ mo). Set a routine for him. Try diff types of potty to see which he likes best. I hv a post abt it here.

Anggie, no plans yet. Most prob just dinner with family mbrs. (I'm a lazy mom lah. hehehe)
When to start... depends on the child. But if I rmbr correctly, my paed told me normally 2 yo. But don't force him if he's not ready yet. Will be vy frust for u n him.