Thursday, March 06, 2008

Incomplete Attire

The little girl woke up immediately when her mother asked her to. It was very different from the usual mornings where she'd give the "I'm sleepy" excuse and continue to sleep. Today was different because of her favourite activity in school. Her mother said, "Got water play today" and she's up.

In school, when it was time to change into her swimming suit, she didn't take off her underwear. She just wore her suit on top of it. So after her water play, she didn't wear any underwear as there wasn't any clean and dry one in her bag.

When her mother fetched her from school, she told her mother that she wasn't wearing any underwear. Her mother was shocked. The little girl explained that it got wet when she went for water play. And her mother was still shocked. How come the little girl is so blur? It's not the first time she wore her swimming suit or go for a 'swim'. So why did she think that this time she needed to wear her underwear underneath her suit? The mother is still very confused. :-|


Anonymous said...

how about put a spare underwear in her bag? - huisia

slavemom said...

Hui Sia, I don't put any spare ones now as she's fully toilet-trained edi. But I guess it's good to let her bring a spare for those 'unexpected' incidents.

Zooropa said...

don't think too complicated, it's all b'coz she is so delighted when going to swim and forgot to take out panties!


mybabybay said...

Let her eat more fish, good for memory. Maybe she too excited about water play that she forgot to take out her underwear.

The school should have extra clothing in case kids make a mess. I know my children's school has.

Health Freak Mommy said...

I always put an extra set of clothing, including underwear in Alycia's school bag.
Which pre-school does your gal attend? I know Q-Dees have a swimming pool in their school. Do the teachers bathe the kids after the water play?

jazzmint said...

hehe..i think too excited forgot liao LOL

Jacss said...

didn't she give u an answer? anyway, no harm putting a spare one..that's what i used to do, u never know when they will spill themselves with water be it at the washroom or at the basin or during snack time.....

btw, wahhh...good that mumy let her swim at school! u know what, i'm so kiasi...i "dare" not let my boys swim anywhere without MY personal supervision! i just dun trust....sigh!!

Anyway i'm in d progress of enrolling them for a paid swim'g lesson during weekend with ME tagging along,hahaha

Sasha said...

i think she's too excited to go swimming. Just remind her that she should change into her swimming suit next time.

Lovely Mummy said...

so excited n forgot..many kids also like that one.

giddy tigress said...

As long as there were no untoward accidents... hehehe
maybe next time ask her to wear bikini instead? That one can be treated as underwear too ma

Jess said...

hahaha..she so cute! Too excited lar!

last time my elder girl vomit in class, lucky the school has spare shirt!

slavemom said...

Dora, I guess u're right - she's jes too excited.

Mich, they hv extra clothing but not underwear.

Shireen, XY goes to a Montessori schl. I wouldn't call that a swimming pool. It's rather small.
The kids will wash their hair with water after that. Then change back into their uniforms.

Jazz, I suppose so.

Jac, not expecting any answer from her. She can be vy blur at times. :D
That pool is vy shallow oni - below waist level. Well, u hv a pt there. Coz we can't trust others as much as we trust ourselves, rite? So the best is we supervise them ourselves.
I'm oso thinking of enrolling her for swimming lessons. Shld be fun!

Sasha, yeah... need to be vy clear with her. Swim'g suit - no need underwear. All other clothes, need.

Shirley, it's normal hor.

Joyce, she used to wear a bikini. But now she's wearing the 1-pc type (like short pants).

Jess, I'm vy worried she doesn't wear underwear coz she doesn't sit/behave like a girl. Sure 'chao kwong' one.

sting said...

hehe.. too excited ya :-) maybe always put some extra clothes in her bag, just in case loh..

JO-N said...

It's good to get an answer from her. Does the teacher ask them to change in front of others? Then, she may be too shy to remove her underwear.

I agree with the extra set of clothes and underwear in her bag.

Bryan's Mama said...

actually when i was young, i also wear underwear inside. Felt more "secured" hahahahahaha

slavemom said...

Siew Ting, will do that from now on.

Joanne, nah.. she's not the shy type. She just decided to wear it with her suit that day.

Paik Ling, I know wat u mean. :D

Dette said...

lol - I'd put that one on excitement.

Either that or testing. Testing to see what Mom would do about it.

Isn't that their job, though? To test us?