Tuesday, March 04, 2008

First Weekend In March

In the morning, while I was 'busy' at the computer, PaPa let XY play with bubbles at the house compound. XY blew bubbles while CE tried to catch them. He even tried to blow the bubbles that have dropped onto the floor. He sat down on the wet floor (it rained that morning) and blew with all his might. PaPa just let him be coz he's already dirty and wet. Just change his clothes later.

At night, we had dinner at a Korean restaurant in Sri Petaling. It's located on the top floor of a Chinese restaurant. I find that the ventilation isn't very good but we still patronise them coz the food is quite good and it isn't too far. It's better if it's an open air restaurant as it's rather smoky when they barbeque the meat. I know there're some open air Korean restaurants in Ampang. But we're not the type that'll travel far just for a meal.

~ The rice tasted much better than it looks. I forgot
to take the picture before mixing them up. ~

For brunch, we went to Puchong (Yap Chuan Restaurant) for bak kut teh. Coincidentally they were featured in Taste With Jason on tv that night for their famous dried bkt. After that, we headed to Sunway Pyramid as Kakak wanted to buy a digital camera. We bought that for her as part of her bonus.

As the kids (especially CE) were fussing coz they've skipped their afternoon nap, we decided to leave early instead of staying on for dinner. And we had a simple dinner at home.


sting said...

ya.. ampang's famous for korean food but it's a bit far... there's also a dae jang geum at ampang if I remember correctly.. food looks good :-)

jazzmint said...

wah...the food looks good

Bryan's Mama said...

my boy also likes bubbles but only if i continously blow them!

Bryan's Mama said...

you've been tagged!

wen said...

the korean food looks gd!

Zooropa said...

OH ok I'll try & c whether can catch u on Jason's show. Oops...but I don't know how do u look like!


huisia said...

wow, the korean foods look so yummy

Jacss said...

hahaha...guess that was d time of the week that kids enjoyed the most...get wet, water & bubbles!!

ehh, what a coincidence, i just had a short mention on my latest post abt the Yap Chuan dried BKT (only 5mins drive from my home)... haha, i went there after watching Ah Xian's show too!! Tasty hor..but i didn't snap any pic too...

d korean bbq looks tempting too!!

Mummy to QiQi said...

have heard so much about the Korean food in Ampang...but have not tasted them :(

Jess said...

i yet to try out any korean food, worry my kids dislike them. I should try it myself hor!

BabyBooned said...

i really should introduce gibran to various foods like korean and mediterranean. widen his taste buds!

anyway, ure such a great employer, slavemom, for giving Kakak a nice bonus! i on the other hand am still considering if Gib's bibik deserves a bonus or not this year.... aiseyman... sometimes ok sometimes not, u know..?! any tips? this is our first one, after all..

JO-N said...

Nice play, nice food!! How can one resist this kind of weekend??

Jacelyn Chew said...

still remember those days with plain rice and soup most of the time during my Korea trip in year 2006. don't like the food much.

a tag for u here.....

mumsgather said...

You just reminded me that I haven't taken out the bubble solution for the kids to play for a long time now. They just love it as your photo shows. :)

slavemom said...

Siew Ting, I know there's a Dae Jang Geum in Bdr Puteri, Puchong too.

Jazz, Wen & Hui Sia, yummy leh. :D

Paik Ling, like that ah... will run out of breath vy fast lor. hehehe

Dora, u won't be able to c me lah coz the shooting wasn't on that day. :)

Jac, yup, the dried BKT is vy tasty but hubs ordered the vy fat part. Since I don't eat the fat, there wasn't much meat to eat. :D

Chin Nee, vy far to go all the way to Ampang jes for a meal hor.

Jess, go try it one day. Most kids will like bbq food. The girls don't?

Babybooned, she's our 1st maid too. She oso give me headache sometimes. But look at her overall performance. I'd say she's vy good edi, esp after hearing so many 'scary' maid stories. As for bonus, u can give her a small one.. to encourage her to cont. her good work. Mine has finished her 2-yr contract edi.

Joanne, w/ends is when we can go out n look for 'good' food. hehehe

Jacelyn, thx.. will get to it soon.

Mumsgather, kids + bubbles = pure fun! ;)