Tuesday, March 18, 2008

While The Husbands Were Working

Last Wednesday, we went to 1-Utama with my SIL. Our entourage consisted of 3 adults and 3 children. The basic going out rule (for us, that is): The number of kids (especially kids below 5 years of age) cannot be more than the adults. That's how incompetent we are. hahaha Well, that's normal, right?

We had an early lunch at Sushi Groove. The food's quite alright, except for the sushi set which has too much creamy dressings. As for the price, a bit on the expensive side. After lunch, we went to Parkson. Bought XY a pair of sunglasses. She wanted one for a very long time already. Finally decided to get one for her.

~ ada gaya or not? ~

Next destination, Kizsport, which was of coz the highlight of the day. XY didn't need much supervision. She climbed high and low, played with the swings and slides. As for the 2 younger boys, they stayed mainly in the pool of balls (near the entrance). When XY joined them in the pool, she rolled about and 'swam' in it. Naturally, the two li'l copycats followed suit. The boys also spent some time at the playground for children under 3 years old. But they didn't seem too interested in the push-cars and rocking toys.

I brought CE to the long slide for a try. The last time we were there, he didn't play that. So I was climbing the steps with all the little kids (well, there were adults too, especially Kakaks). When we were sliding down, my heart nearly popped out. It was quite steep actually. But he didn't seem to feel anything. So we had a few rounds of that (not upon his request though... Mommy's the one who wanted to have some fun). LOL

We spent almost 2 hours in Kizsport. The kids were reluctant to leave so we told them we're going to buy 'mam mam' (food). We weren't lying... we went to get Big Apple Donuts. As compared to J.Co, I think Big Apple's a little less sweet (influenced by bloggers' reviews, maybe? hehehe), but the texture's not as fine as J.Co's. And hubby commented that Big Apple's doughnuts are not so 'round' (a bit out of shape hahaha). The verdict... we prefer J.Co.

~ Big Apple doughnuts ~

When we passed by a kiosk that sells toys, I bought a magic sphere for the kids. It's like magic coz when you kick it (not too hard ya, coz it'll hurt your feet... very spiky hehehe), it rolls and will open up and become a big round ball. And when it stops, it'll collapse and become small again. I personally think it's quite fun. LOL

~ magic sphere ~

Then we went to the event hall which was decorated with balloons (Wonderful World of Balloons). They made giant displays out of balloons (what else?). There were stalls selling 'sinful' food for kids - candies, chocolates, jellies, popcorns. How can we leave that place without buying anything? So we got some colourful jellies for the kids and a packet of popcorn coz it came with a free balloon. And SIL managed to ask for two (XY and CE can share mah). Saved me from buying another packet. hehehe

~ colourful and pretty jelly ~

We had a fun day with the kids. And what did our hardworking husbands get? Doughnuts as rewards! :D


BabyBooned said...

hey, XY really can pose now lah ;) i love the sunglasses and i love the jelly too!

Yatie said...

hey... never taste j.co doughnut before is it nice... i like big apple not really sweet

Hazel said...

the jelly look yummy

jacss said...

-yr girl is really sweet lor... wonder if she's the junior of genie...hoi, dun hide anymore!!
-what a fun day at kidzsport, my boys would be reluctant to leave too...
-well, i love both j-co & b-apple...haha "wai sik ma", ehh, u didn't buy durian ahh, nice wor!!
-we also got the magic sphere..i learnt the word here..haha
-see d jelly...i thot mooncake pulak!!??

huisia said...

wow, your girl so pretty, like a doll!

i like the big apple too, especially the green tea flavour

Zooropa said...

Wow...great outing. I enjoyed so much by reading the post so the kids must be 10x more than me!


JO-N said...

JCo or Big Apple, I love them both. Sometimes it's so much nicer to go out without husbands. Your little has grown to be a sweet and pretty girl.

Health Freak Mommy said...

Hey, we saw the magic sphere too and hubby wanted to buy it for the gals but I stopped him. The jelly looks good. Did it taste good? My gals & I love jellies.

jazzmint said...

wah..u all really spend a good time there and didn't shop much, mainly for kids.

not incompetent with 3 adults 3 kids, cause nowadays not safe lah.1 adult 2 kids later 1 run north 1 run south, jia lat liao

slavemom said...

Babybooned, yeah.. she's a vain pot, unlike mommy. hehehe

Yatie, for me, both oso vy nice. But hubs prefer J.Co coz the texture's finer.

Hazel, yummy and sweet.

Jac, u come 'unhide' me lor. :D Wanted to try the durian flavour, but gotta wait 3 hrs. Forget it!

Hui Sia, ok.. next time will try green tea. Btw, the green one is kiwi.

Dora, yeah.. they really enjoyed themselves.

Joanne, sweet n pretty... and rebellious too! sigh...

Shireen, the jelly - nice to c, nice to eat too! ;) Quite sweet tho.

Jazz, yeah.. it was an outing mainly for the kids.

Peridot&Sapphire said...

i like the magic sphere too and the jelly looks so Pretty!!! Maybe you can make some... ;)

Vivianz said...

Interesting day out... it is always nice to have sibling around..

slavemom said...

Sharine, me no talent n patience to make such pretty jellies leh.

Vivian, thx for dropping by.