Monday, August 27, 2007

Let's Talk Business

After reading about Elizabeth’s comfy potty seat, I decided to get one for CE. We went shopping yesterday but there wasn’t much choice at Jusco, so I just bought the design I thought was cutest. From today onwards, CE’s been upgraded to a cushioned potty.

He started doing his big business in the adult toilet bowl when he was 13+ months old. Earlier on, I tried to let him use the small potty but he refused to sit on it, not even for 1 minute. After trying a few times with the small potty, I gave up and decided to try with the adult toilet bowl. Whenever he wanted to do his big business (can see his face all red), I’d quickly take off his diaper and put him on it. Before I bought the potty seat, I had to hold him, supporting his backside with my legs and holding his legs (his back facing me). It was not easy holding him, very tiring indeed. And very difficult to wipe or wash him.

After a week or so, I decided to get him the potty seat. I bought the plastic type as I didn’t see the cushioned one at the store. Since then, I’ll let him sit on it every morning before his bath time. Lucky for me, he was very cooperative. He did his business every day, unless he had more than one bowel movement the day before. But once in awhile, he’ll still soil his diaper. The funny thing is, if he has a bowel movement in the afternoon or night (usually after meals), he’ll do it in the diaper, sometimes without any signs.

The obvious advantage of using the adult toilet bowl is that you just need to flush it down. No need to transfer the stool or wash the small potty. Moreover, it’s much easier to wipe him as it’s less messy when he does it sitting down. My only concern is that I can’t see the texture clearly and make sure that his stools are normal. If it’s on the diaper, I can ‘examine’ it closely. Anyone has any tips to share?


Wen said...

I nows pees in the toilet bowl but still poo in the diaper. She managed to poo a few times in it but after that it will be in the toilet again.
wonder if potty seat helps? is it comfortable since it is not the cushioned type?

Wen said...

hey again,

did u design the scrapbook urself or download it fr internet? which software are u using now to design? can u share?

btw, ur boy since to enjoy himself in the toilet..

Wen said...

sorry, its Iris, not me!! LOL

slavemom said...

Hahaha.. don’t worry, I know u’re talking abt Iris n not u. U can try letting her use the potty seat. Maybe she’ll use the toilet more often as they like to imitate adults.

I’m sure the cushioned one is more comfy than plastic but CE’s not complaining. :D Anyway, he’s no longer using the plastic type... upgraded oredi.

Oh, I don’t think that pic qualified to be called a scrapbook leh. hehehe I oni arrange the pics, change b/grd colour n add text. :) I’m using Photoshop and Microsoft Publisher (for this post, I used Publisher). I d/loaded PS from internet for a trial period of 30 days. Publisher comes with the MS Office Suite. Still experimenting with these softwares. So u c my end result vy simple one. U can chk out Jazzmint’s tutorial on scrapbooking with PS at

Hope this helps. Anyway, we can discuss further if u need more clarification.

jazzmint said...

wow so fast potty!!

Jesslyn said...

I also bought one potty seat for the girls but they dun like it, they prefer to use traditional type potty, u know, the red one ar? Hehehe....

But now my elder (5yo) can sit on adult toilet bowl, can wipe by her own too, more relax for me now! :)

slavemom said...

Jazz, being the lazy mom I am, it wasn't really my intention to start potty training. Good thing he was ready for it.
Jess, ez for u loh... Wien can go to toilet herself. I still need to wipe for XY. If 'shee shee', she can wipe herself.

Wen said...

wei, i used all the freebies one leh. i doubt i can design fr scratch..
i downloaded Photoshop Element with trial period of 30 days too. I am gonna try a few if time permits so that i can buy the one i need to use..

mybabybay said...

I got the cushion one for my gal, she only sat on it a few times and now she prefer her potty. Either way is fine, as long as she poo.

slavemom said...

Wen, u try 1st ya. Then let me know which is simplest. ;)
Mich, yup... doesn't matter where... as long as it's biz as usual. :D