Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Walking Progress

~ standing tall ~

After a few weeks of practice, CE can take a few steps on his own now. He started to stand up on his own beginning of the month. If there’s someone in front of him (about an arm’s length away) to encourage him, he’ll stand up and run (well, more like falling, while taking a few steps :D) into the person’s arms, laughing excitedly at the same time. Yeah... doesn’t know how to walk yet, but want to run already. :) And I think he’s quite fascinated with this newfound skill. Seemed very happy with himself when he’s able to stand up on his own.

A few nights ago, I saw him standing up and taking 3 or 4 steps before falling down. He’s definitely getting better these days. He knows he needs to balance himself after standing, then only step forward. If he does it slowly, he’s able to take more steps. If not, he’ll fall down after 1 or 2 steps. He can also squat (maybe ¾ down) from standing position, then stand up again unassisted.

It’s so cute to see him learn to walk. Like a little drunkard... so wobbly. But at the same time, very worried that he’ll hurt himself if he fell down. The other day, while he was trying to stand up, he lost balance and fell forward, knocking his nose and mouth. Luckily it was nothing serious. Guess I’ll have bigger problems when he’s finally learnt to walk, but not yet a pro. Hope his transition from an amateur to a pro would be a short and safe one. :)


jazzmint said...

bravo bravo...soon he'll be toddling around i'm sure ;)

michelle said...

He will walk in no time but have to becareful of falling down.

Sasha said...

remember to record it. He'll be so fast you will miss it.

slavemom said...

Jazz, I'm still waiting for him to walk properly on his own.
Michelle, yeah.. that's wat I worry most.
Sasha, he'll stop doing watever that I wanna record when I take out the digicam. So yes, I always miss it.

Peridot&Sapphire said...

Bravo to CE! just keep an eye on him when he's walking as they can suddenly fall.


Wen said...

hi, just tagged u, hope u get to know more abt u

slavemom said...

Sharine, hv to follow him closely once he starts walking. *bo latt*
Wen, ok.. will do homework soon. ;)