Sunday, August 26, 2007

Lil’ Teacher

XY likes to correct us when we don’t use the right words. It can be funny... or irritating, depending on our mood. :)

Scene 1
One day, she came home from kindy and told me she ate her classmate’s Honeystar. After further interrogation, I found out that her classmate didn’t offer them to her and she took them without asking.
Me : Taking other people’s things without asking for permission is like stealing. And if you steal, the police will put you in a cage.
XY : No lar mummy. Jail... cage is for animals.

Scene 2
In the bathroom, giving her a bath.
Me : XY, wipe your face with the towel.
XY : This is not towel... hanky.

Scene 3
We went to McD for lunch. I bought Happy Meal which has corns. Gave her the grilled chicken burger first.
XY : Mummy, I want to eat corns.
Me : Finish your bread first, then only can eat corns.
XY : Not bread, burger lar.


mybabybay said...

Blame it on the DHA, SA...watever A in their milk. ;)

mybabybay said...
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mybabybay said...
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everydayhealy said...

you've got tag.

Rachel said...

hahahaa..that's remind me of my boy too..

jazzmint said...

haha.....she's so cute. U got try calling her wrong name or not and see what she says :P. I did that to my girl and she jumped on me LOL

slavemom said...

Michelle, yup... too much nutrition.
Healy, will get to it soon.
Rachel, I think all parents will go thru the 'lil teacher' phase. :D
Jazz, haven't tried that b4. But she'll giggle like mad when I call her 'uncle', 'grandma', 'monkey', etc.

Wen said...

i think kids r smarter nowadays. and they cant be cheated too. and sometimes we go bonkers and said the wrong thing too and Ian will correct me...

Peridot&Sapphire said...

haha... so cute lah the lil teacher, nowadays kids are just too smart to cheat. :P

slavemom said...

Wen & Sharine, yeah.. gone r the days where we can cheat our way out when dealing with our children. :p