Friday, August 17, 2007

Diapering History

XY is now diaperless at night and during naps. I know she should have been diaperless long long time ago. Some children are diaperless before reaching 3 years old but she only managed to do so at age 4. Well, it’s partially my fault. I didn’t train her much earlier. After CE was born, it just wasn’t convenient to start. So I just let her be till she’s really ready herself.

She’s been potty trained since she turned 2. So since then, she only wore diapers during nap time and night time. Or when we go out to a place where toilets are not easily accessible. Sometimes, I just bring the MamyPoko Pants along. And when she needs to pee, I’ll let her wear the diaper if I can’t find a toilet nearby.

I started to let her nap without diaper in the afternoon about 3 weeks before her 4th birthday. Within a week, she told me she doesn’t want to wear diaper to sleep anymore. I’ll ask her (wake her up, if I need to, or carry her to the toilet while she’s half asleep) to pee every 1 to 2 hours after she’s gone to bed. Last call would be around 12+. And she’ll sleep through till 7+ in the morning. There were some accidents at the beginning, but eventually she succeeded. Mummy’s very proud of you!

She’s tried many brands of diapers (Pureen, Huggies, Drypers and Sealer) but MamyPoko is the one used most. Have you ever wondered how much you spend on diapers? I’ve actually kept a record of her diaper usage since birth (maybe can claim from her angpow money? :D). The total amount spent on diapers is about RM3,058. So for 4 years, if you average it out, it’s about RM2 per day. Now this figure doesn’t look so daunting eh?

Bye-bye diapers... for XY, that is.


jazzmint said...

whoa...Rm3k!!! not thing that u really keep track LOL. cool

slavemom said...

hope no one thinks I'm crazy! :D

Tracy said...

Wow! U keep track of how much u spent on the diapers? No kidding? *salute*So, u are going to show her when she's older? Hahaha.

slavemom said...

hehehehe.. siao hor? Ya lor, will show her later.. see if can get reimbursement. :D