Wednesday, August 08, 2007

We Are At War

XY’s condition has not improved. She’s still coughing non-stop, with sticky phlegm, breathing rapidly and has continuous fever. She tends to vomit often when she coughs. On Monday, she vomited 4 times. She’s been eating plain bread coz she’s no appetite. Most of the time, she’s very lethargic.

So went to see doctor again this morning. Doctor said she has pneumonia. Good thing is she doesn’t need to be hospitalised. Just have to monitor her fever closely. If it takes longer and longer to come back, then it’s a good sign. The extra medicine she has to take is for asthma. This poor little girl is taking 6 types of medicine at 1 go (including antibiotics and panadol-chewable type). Luckily she’s not so afraid of taking medicine now as compared to when she was much smaller. Last time, we had to carry her, hold her hands and force it down her throat. Now we use a spoon and if the medicine doesn’t taste too good, she can wash it down with water. Pheww... I cannot imagine forcing her to take 6 types of medicine.

As for me, a little better, but not recovering as fast as I’d hoped for. Guess it’s due to lack of sleep. XY’s not sleeping well, coughing the whole night. So I’m not sleeping well too.

You must be wondering how’s CE doing. Sigh... I think he’s caught the bug too. :( Has been coughing a little today and has mild fever. Seemed tired too as he’s been sleeping a lot. Hope he’s not down with something serious.

We've declared war. We’ll fight and fight and fight! Go away germs!!


jazzmint said...

oh boy, u all take care and rest..

Jesslyn said...

sorry to hear about take more water ya! Take care too!

Tracy said...

The weather's very bad these days. Sunny one moment and rainy another moment. I do believe in drinking herbal tea. Do take care ya?

Anonymous said...

Ooo..sorry to hear that, speedy recover and take care

slavemom said...

Tq all for ur well wishes. XY and I r much better now. But CE's jes starting to recover.