Thursday, August 02, 2007

Journey to Slumberland

This is my routine for CE’s bedtime. At about 9pm, I’ll wipe his face and change him into his pajamas. He’ll drink his milk at 9:30pm. After the lights are off, he’ll be either standing at the bed headboard... rocking it or looking out the window (I have to raise the curtain blind or else he’ll be pulling it to peep outside), or crawling all over the bed and me.

He has this habit of lying on me to sleep. Sometimes this slave gets a little out of breath with such a heavy object on her chest. :) Once he’s settled down and ready to doze off, I’ll roll him onto his side of the bed (we co-sleep on the same bed). He normally sleeps by 10:30pm.

After he’s asleep, I’ll go downstairs to watch TV or surf the internet. But recently, I think it’s been almost a month already, he will wake up after an hour or so, sit up and cry. I have to quickly run upstairs to pop the pacifier back into his mouth and get him to lie down to sleep. It usually takes less than 5 mins to put him back to sleep. My problem is on some nights, he’ll wake up a few times crying, looking for me. Even the father is not able to pacify him back to sleep.

I really don’t know what’s wrong. Is it due to teething? Coz his molars are coming out. Or is he having separation anxiety? That I must be by his side even when he’s asleep? So some nights, I have no choice but to sleep early with him. I really hope it’s just a phase that’ll pass soon.


jazzmint said...

eh mine oso likes to sleep on me!!!

maybe he dreamt?

Sabrina said...

Hehe...I guess every child below 2 years likes to sleep on top of mummy. Mine is 2.5 yrs and once in awhile he still does that. It's so hard for me to breach at times.

slavemom said...

Jazz, I dunno.. if he's having a nighmare.. so many nites in a row? Maybe dreaming abt Barney chasing after him. hehehehe
Sabrina, Keith too eh? Maybe it's a boy thing.

Peridot&Sapphire said...

Hi ginie, just bump into your blog to say hello.
Well, En En also like that sine she's young till now. So, it's better for me to stay with her in the room after she falls asleep... they will look for the feeling of security. So, no choice, I surf net and do reading in the room.


Wen said...

maybe he is hungry. Ian used to wake up 8 times when he was abot 1 1/2 yrs old. I tried so many things to soothe him, gave him water, checked his anus got choong choong or not, double boiled him ling yong, in the end we found out he was just hungry

Wen said...

hi there,

used to have a maid for 14 mths but no good, so rather do house chores myself. a slave like u too

slavemom said...

Sharine, hello to u too. The light and noise doesn't disturb En En's sleep?
Hi Wen, I doubt he's hungry coz he'll fall right back to sleep once I'm at his side.
Yeah.. sometimes it's better to make do without a maid if she's not helpful. Hehehe I'm a slave with helper. :)