Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Craftwork From Kindy

XY started attending a Montessori kindy beginning of the year. I don’t think she’s too interested in what she can learn there. The highlight of her day would be what she ate during snack time. So every time we ask her what has she done in school, she’d reply she ate bread/noodles/chee cheong fun/etc and drank milo/barley/soya bean/etc. Yup, that's my girl. ;)

Sometimes she’ll bring home her craftwork like papercraft, finger painting and colouring. They made special crafts for special occasions like Chinese New Year, Mother’s Day and Father’s Day. So this year’s M-Day and F-Day was extra special coz we got our first hand-made gift from her.

The week before M-Day, her class teacher asked me to bring her photograph for art class. They made a card. When she gave it to me, she said “Happy Mother’s Day. I love you.” Wah... my heart melted. My girl has grown up already... able to make me a gift and utter those sweet words. The teachers taught her well.

~ she definitely made this... look at the untidy colouring :D ~

As for F-Day, she gave CB a fridge magnet. I doubt she was involved in making the turtle. Maybe she only stuck the message onto the wrapper. :)

~ before I saw the magnet, I thought it was a cookie ~


healy said...

First time here. Nice art work! I am very useless in term of doing artwork, so ... I think XY is a genius! haha....

slavemom said...

talented or not... i dunno... but she definitely prefers artwork to writing/reading.

jazzmint said...

oo so cute that magnet :)

Wen said...

now i am waiting for Ian to draw a real picture for me