Monday, July 30, 2007

Practice Makes Perfect

~ top: waaaa... I want ball; right: yay... let's play ball
bottom: Michael Jordan in the making? ~

14 month-old CE is still not walking yet. He’s quite good at cruising around the coffee table and along the wall. If he’s in the mood, he’s able to walk (less than 10 steps, though) when we hold 1 of his hands. But most of the time, he prefers to crawl.

Kakak is more concerned than me about him not walking yet. So she took the initiative to let him practise walking on the grass. On the first day, he didn’t even dare to step on the grass barefooted. Curled up his legs when she tried to put him down. The next day, I let him wear shoes. But the lazy boy wasn’t too enthusiastic about walking. So Kakak used the ball as a motivator. He wasn’t very happy when he couldn’t reach the ball. But all smiles again when we gave it to him.

After a week of practice, he can walk quite well when we hold 1 of his hands. To encourage him, Kakak will put the ball in front of him. When he’s about to reach it, she’ll kick it further in front. It’s good to practise on the grass coz if he falls, it’s cushioned. Moreover he doesn’t really dare to touch the grass with his hands. Since he can’t crawl, he has no choice but to walk to get to the ball. Let’s see if he’s able to take his first step before reaching 15 months old.


jazzmint said...

wah...basketballer in the making ;)

slavemom said...

ada gaya saje... :D

Wen said...

kakak sounds not bad with ur kids..un like mine..

slavemom said...

Yeah.. I'm vy lucky to get a good one. She adores the kids, esp little CE.