Monday, July 23, 2007

Birthday Celebration for XY

XY has been coughing since last week. She seemed to be getting better but on Tuesday night, she was coughing for long stretches in the middle of the night. So the next day (her birthday), CB brought her to see the doctor first thing in the morning. Doctor thinks that she has sensitive airways.

Since it’s her special day, we still went ahead with our plan to go to Sunway Lagoon. After picking up her cousin brother, CH and Sen Sen (my SIL – CB’s brother’s wife), we went to Bukit Jalil for lunch. By the time we reach Sunway Lagoon, it was already 1+ pm. Although it’s a weekday, it was quite crowded. We see a lot of Middle Eastern tourists. I’m sure the crowd would be worse on weekends.

According to the weather forecast, it was supposed to be cloudy in the afternoon and fair the rest of the day. But it wasn’t accurate at all. It rained heavily in the afternoon at about 4pm. So we wasted some time waiting for the rain to stop. After showering, we headed to the dry park (Wild Wild West). Didn’t go on many rides as we had to allocate some time to visit the Wildlife Interactive Zoo (already bought the tickets). It was quite a disappointment. Maybe because it was getting dark and it started to drizzle again, there weren’t many animals to see and ‘interact’ with.

We went to Atrium CafĂ© at Sunway Resort Hotel for buffet dinner. Food was ok. CB said there’s quite a wide selection but I didn’t really enjoy it. Probably coz I was really tired and not having a good appetite.

Here are some of the pictures.

~ take picture 1st before getting wet ~

~ birthday girl in action ~

~ sliding down all the slides she can find ~

~ flying high ~

~ the SR birthday cake she chose herself, but we chose the flavour ~

~ a happy day ~


Tracy said...

Happy Belated Birthday XY. What a wonderful way to celebrate XY's birthday. She must have enjoyed herself very much.

Aiyo Ginie, I din even know u've started blogging until u left a comment in my blog. Welcome, welcome to the world of blogsphere.

I still remember u were one of the 1st few which I started chatting and dat was about 2 years back. XY was only 2 years then and now 4 years old and CE is oredi 1 year old. How time flies hor?

slavemom said...

Finally started my own blog. Procrastinated long enuff oredi. :)
Yup, time really flies. 4 yrs seemed like 4 mths. And with jes a blink of an eye, little CE is now 14 mo. Wat happened in btw ah?

jazzmint said...

wah sunway lagoon for a party..nice nice...good idea hehe..looks like she enjoyed it alot.

Did CE enjoy it as well?

slavemom said...

CE missed out in the water play coz he was taking his nap. Only rode in the spinning cup n merry-go-round in the dry park. Guess his day wasn't as fun as jie jie's. :D