Wednesday, August 22, 2007

15 Months Old

Here's an update of 15 month-old CE:

Statistics (measured on 14-8-07)
Weight – 10.3 kg (lost 400g within a week coz he was sick)
Height – 84 cm

Per day, he’s taking 3 x 8oz of milk, 2 bowls of porridge (for lunch and dinner), half a piece of bread/biscuits in the morning and a serving of fruits for tea-time.
Likes to feed himself. Holds the spoon to feed himself while eating porridge or fruits. Or hold the bread with his hands.

He sleeps from 10+pm to 7+am. Takes 2 naps a day. Total sleep time 11-12 hours.

4 top and 4 bottom incisors. 8 more teeth still coming out (canines and first molars).

Quite slow in this aspect. Makes sounds like papapa (his favourite at this moment), tatata, mamama, bababa, but not referring to anything in specific. Doesn’t like to imitate/repeat after us.

Cruises very well now... around the coffee table, the dining table, along the wall. If he’s in the mood, he’ll walk when we hold 1 of his hands. And if he’s in a super good mood, he’ll stand up and try to walk a few steps on his own. But most of the time, he prefers to crawl.

The object he knows best is ‘ball’. When asked where’s his ball, he’ll quickly crawl to the ABC mat and take his favourite orange Nike ball (which was jie jie’s).
Nose – will point to his nose when asked. But will also point to his nose when asked where’s his eyes, mouth, ears. hehehe
Points to the fan when asked “Where’s the fan?” and “Where’s the light?”
Favourite word is ‘tuck’. Refers to duck, Clifford (the big red dog), bear, horse, Mickey Mouse and almost everything as ‘tuck’.

TV Skill
When he hears Barney’s I Love You song, he’ll want to hug someone.
When he hears Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, he’ll open and close his hands making the twinkling star action.
Shakes his bum bum (bends his knees up and down) to the rhythm of music.
Pats his laps when Tony and Vivian (from Out of The Box) sings the goodbye song.
It’s pretty obvious he watches too much Playhouse Disney Channel. :D


Julian said...

Oh just realized CE is one month older than Raelynne :) Happy 15 months!

Wen said...

my daughter also likes to hug and kiss when hearing barney's song.
btw, Ian is fine now, no complain at all..hmm.. but will take him to see the paed to change his dressing.

Idham's url is :


slavemom said...

Julian, CE's 1 mth older but Raelynne's much advance than him in terms of many milestones. Oh, don't get me wrong, I'm not concerned (for now) as each child develops differently.
Wen, glad to hear Ian's fine. Yeah... that's the same url I've put in my tag.

healy said...

Cute CE! And... I realised that most of the babies like "fan" and "nose". Elizabeth understand what is fan and like to blow on it, hopping that the fan will move when she saw it was off. hehe....

healy said...

And... I think CE really can eat, gee... two bowl of porridge and 8 ounce of milk? gee... that's a lot! even me can't talk 8 ounce.... hahaha...

slavemom said...

Healy, Lizzy's so clever... knows that she needs to blow to move the fan. ;)
Errr... eat a lot meh? I'd presume quite std for a toddler his age. Well, he needs to beef up mah.. if not how to protect mummy and jie jie? :D

Wen said...

ppls say girl tends to be a faster learner than boys.. my girl started speaking earlier than my boy..
when the time comes, ur boy will sure talk non stop..headache..

Wen said...

thks dear, u r as sweet as ur son

slavemom said...

yup, i oredi hv headache now.. XY is sooo talkative. Imagine when both of them yak non-stop at the same time. *pengsan*
No prob... that's wat frens r for. ;)

jazzmint said...

oo he loves TV too huh kekeke...

bravo he can feed himself, mine stuff too many food in his mouth, so we dare not let him do it :(

slavemom said...

Jazz, CE's like that too. Hv to supervise him closely if he feeds himself. He'll take the bread in both hands and stuff as much as possible into his mouth. :|