Saturday, September 22, 2007

16 Months Old

Weight - 10.4 kg (measured on 14-9-07)
Height - didn't take measurement at the clinic

About the same as last month. But for his morning snack, he takes 1 piece of bread now. Can even finish 2 pieces, especially after his ‘fasting’ episode when he had mouth ulcers.
His favourite food is Honeystar. When he had ulcers, he can’t eat nor drink coz he had difficulty swallowing but he can eat Honeystar. o.O

Still the same... 2 naps a day. Total sleep time 11-12 hours.

16 teeth in total. However, the 4 cuspids and 4 first molars have not come out completely yet.

Nothing much has changed since last month. He’s not babbling much nor saying anything that sounds like words. So he’s communicating with gestures. He’ll point at things, indicating that he wants them. If he wants your attention, he’ll push your face (at the cheeks) to look at him.
On rare occasions, he’ll point at his diaper to tell us he wants to do his small or big business. Anyway, he now has a regular potty routine.
If he hurt himself like knocked his head or twisted his legs, he’ll come and rub his injured part and expect us to soothe him. So we’ve to kiss or sayang (touch) his head/leg then he’ll go and continue with whatever he was doing. If we ignore him, he'll shout at us. Yeah... he's the king of the house now.

His most significant milestone achieved in the past month... walking! He’ll walk all over the house. From the living room to the kitchen, exploring everywhere. He’s still not a pro yet, so sometimes will just plop down on his buttocks.

“Tuck!” That’s the only ‘word’ he knows. Everything is called “tuck”. No matter how hard I try to teach him, he’ll not repeat after me. I say “balloon.... bababalloooon”, he’ll say “tuck!” sigh...
Makes the ‘no more’ sign - palms opened and raised up to shoulder level (see picture above). He does this when his plate is empty or when we switch off the fan.

Music Skill
He likes to dance when he hears music. Will swing his hands horizontally at chest level (like doing the twist... hahaha).
He can shake his bum bum and bend his knees up and down without holding on to anything.


JO-N said...

Hi, first time here. I was attracted by the picture of the two hands holding tightly together. His vocab needs only a click to start him talking non-stop.

jazzmint said...

must be very cute to see him dance :)

Mummy to QiQi said...

Wow...Ginie, yur son can kuai-kuai sit there for long?

slavemom said...

Joanne, the 2 small hands belong to XY and CE.
Yeah.. I know some kids speak much slower than others. He can take his own sweet time. Jes that sometimes it's vy frus when we dont understand wat he wants.

Jazz, I laugh every time I see him dance. :D

Chin Nee, u mean on the bumbo seat? Kakak was feeding him fruits while I took the pic.

Health Freak Mommy said...

Alycia's first word was 'daddy' and she also referred everyone and everything to as 'daddy' LOL!
BTW, isn't honeystars a bit heaty? If i feed my gals cornflakes for a few days consecutively, they will surely have sorethroat.

Wen said...


soon you will be amused by his non stop chat..

health freak mommy,

i think the cereals might be a bit heaty coz its deep fried, same goes with biscuits.

Anggie's journel said...

2 nap a day ? how long ? i m very hard to put jeremy to nap....:( got also a while only...

slavemom said...

Oh I don't give him a lot of Honeystars. Less than 5 (in a day)... jes to trick him to drink some water or eat some bread/porridge.

Shireen, so daddy must be vy happy with Aly's 1st word. :)

Wen, yes.. I can imagine how 'amusing' it'll be. Oredi got sample to see... XY's a real chatterbox. :D

Anggie, his nap last for 1-2 hrs. We still use the bouncing net. So it's easier to knock him out. LOL