Monday, September 17, 2007

Brunch & Haircut

Yesterday we had bak kut teh (BKT) for brunch at Balakong. It’s only open in the day time. That’s why we didn’t get to try it for dinner the week before. In case you are wondering if we’re die-hard fans of BKT... well, we’re not. It’s just that there aren’t many choices for brunch around my area. So tired of the same food – noodles, dim sum, porridge. It’s a big headache to think of what to eat during weekends. Since we’ve not eaten BKT for quite some time already, we went to give it a try.

We ordered BKT and fish head cooked in ginger gravy (‘keong yung’). The soup is not very thick (which is fine with me) and it’s a little salty. But we liked the fish coz it’s fresh and tasted very good. The shop is actually a corner lot terrace house. So there aren’t many tables, less than 15 I think. It was packed on a Sunday morning (not sure about other days). We sat at a small table (that’s the only one available) so it was not very comfortable. Hubby said he’ll patronise the shop again for the fish, not BKT. And we must wait till we get a bigger table next time.

On our way home, I brought XY to the hair saloon to get a haircut. Luckily we didn’t have to wait long and the aunty cut her hair quite fast. I think we spent less than 15 minutes there. Have to be fast coz hubby was waiting in the car with CE and Kakak. That boy was very cranky during our meal coz he didn’t take his morning nap. Now XY’s hair is very short. At the moment, I don’t intend to keep her hair long coz this mummy very lazy to tie and manage her long hair. With short hair, just need to comb, comb, comb and off she goes. Sometimes don’t even need to comb. hehehehe

~ from short to very short hair ~


Jesslyn said...

My DH concept: dont keep long hair for the girls, so u no need to tie for them, save your time to do other things! LOL

psst psst...I am lazy mom too!

Jesslyn said...

btw, I tag u:

chanelwong said...

easy to maintain...and also cooling...

jazzmint said...

i love keeping long hair, but for their age, hard to manage

slavemom said...

Jess, agree 100% with ur DH. Ok, will do the tag soon ya.

Chanel, yup.. cooling too. Luckily she's not pestering me to keep her hair long.

Jazz, if u love long hair, then u won't find it tedious.