Monday, September 10, 2007

Milwaukee Steak Corner

We wanted to try the bak kut teh that Chin Nee blogged about earlier. So yesterday night, off we went to Balakong in search of AmBank. When we turned into the shoplots where CB thought has an AmBank, we didn’t see it. Then we passed by Milwaukee Steak Corner (same row as Public Bank) which was quite packed with people. Anyway, food outlets are normally packed on Sunday nights. Decided to try that instead.

CB ordered a mushroom soup and spaghetti carbonara (seafood). The soup was delicious and it came in a big bun. So you can’t simply tear the bun to eat or you’ll spill the soup! I had New Zealand lamb tenderloins. Nice too... juicy and tender. And XY had Baby Smurfs – ABC fries, 2 tiny sausages, ham, egg and baked beans. All her favourite food, so she ate properly and finished everything. The servings are just right. So we had a good dinner and still able to move after that. :D The price is reasonable but for that kind of ambience and settings, I’d say it’s not cheap.

On our way back, we saw an AmBank and turned in to see. I think we found the bak kut teh shop (a corner house converted into a restaurant) but it’s closed. Guess they don’t operate at night. Eat you next time!


jazzmint said... kepong oso got 1 milwaukee, but i tried oni once so far.

Peridot&Sapphire said...

haha... like your "eat you next time" ... bak kut teh quite heaty one... remember to take more water otherwise easy to get sore throat nowadays.

BTW, you got tagged!!

slavemom said...

Jazz, how do u like it?

Sharine, thx for the tip. Ok, ok, will do homework asap ya.

Mummy to QiQi said...

ya, they only open during day time. Opposite the corner house is the famous Pan mee. very nice soup. For western food, u might wanna try Open Range in Mahkota Cheras. Better environment as compare to Milwaukee and nice food too :P

slavemom said...

Ok then, I went to the right BKT shop. :) Thx for the recommendation. Mahkota Cheras now has many eateries hor.