Thursday, September 06, 2007

Ice Cream

We passed by a Baskin-Robbins (BR) outlet last Friday. As BR has the 31% discount on the 31st of the month, I wanted to try their ice cream. I don’t remember eating BR before. We'd usually go to Häagen-Dazs for premium ice cream... which is not often. :p

It was an eye-opener. They have a queuing system where you’ve to take a number and wait for your turn. Wah... felt like I was in a bank or government offices. Anyway, I think it’s a good system as you don’t have to wait in line. Can sit comfortably and wait for your number to be called.

Here’s the process:
Take no. --> No. called --> Make order --> Pay --> Collect ice cream
Simple, right? But I spent almost half an hour at the outlet although there were only 4 customers before me. Well, it takes time to decide what you want to buy. There’re so many flavours to choose from. Then you also have to wait for them to pack your ice cream. Some are quite hard to scoop out coz they've just been taken out from the freezer. And to make matters worse, impatient hubby’s waiting in the car with the kids. So every second counts!

Would I take advantage of their discount again? I don’t know, but definitely not when hubby’s waiting. By the way, I only bought 2 pints. *pai seh* Not enough savings for the long wait hor?


mybabybay said...

Usually I pre order and come back on 31st to collect, save time on Q.

Sasha said...

Looking at Michelle's comment

"CAN PRE BOOK????????"

i dunno about that. but i never line up for it...cos i dun like ice cream :)

slavemom said...

Mich, oh.. din know can pre-book one wor. I presume hv to pay when order?

Sasha, how abt Jayden? U may need to line up to buy for HIM. :p

huisia said... cream also can pre-book one?

Wen said...

me too was at BR in Mid Valley. i thot its free so took the no and found out got disc only.. we just walked away lor. so kiasu hor...

slavemom said...

Hui Sia, ya lor... we learn something new everyday. ;)

Wen, if free, probably there're no more no.s to take. :D

Peridot&Sapphire said...

wah... learn new thing about BR. hubby and i love ice-cream, so does our little girl but never buy on 31st coz cannot tahan the long Q. Now, mich said can pre-order... hmm... will try that.