Saturday, September 15, 2007

8 Random Facts About My Mum

Got double tagged by Sharine and Wen. Here’s to the woman I love, respect and admire.
  1. My mum’s a very capable woman. When we were still children, she can run the coffee shop business all on her own when my father was a little slack in his duties... a one-(wo)man-show.

  2. As she’s a very understanding woman, there’s minimum MIL-DIL conflict in the house.

  3. She has 6 brothers and 1 sister, and she’s no. 5.

  4. She has always been chauffeured around. She had a driving license when she was young but never used it. After awhile, she stopped renewing it.

  5. My mom’s not a good cook. Well, she doesn’t cook often as she’s busy with the coffee shop business. I think she has no interest (nor time) in cooking. This is definitely something I take after her. So you can guess that I’m quite a lousy cook. :D

  6. Unlike most women, my mom’s not into shopping. She’d only go shopping if there’s something to buy.

  7. She’s not interested to go for holidays or tours. She likes to visit family and relatives but not places of interest.

  8. She used to drink Tiger Stout during wedding dinners. Don’t play play! But of coz not now when she’s 60+.


Wen said...

wow! TIGER STOUT... better not challenge ur mum.. great mum u hv

Wen said...

sent u an award

slavemom said...

Yup.. don't mess with her! :D
Hey Wen, tq so much for the lovely award.

Health Freak Mommy said...

Wow, ur mom is so 'keng' can dring Tiger Stout!
BTW, you've been tagged :)

slavemom said...

'Keng' leh.. hehehe