Saturday, June 07, 2008

School Holiday Activity II

We brought the kids to Genting Highlands last Sunday. Stayed for one night at Theme Park Hotel. As it was a last-minute decision, there wasn't any choice of hotels. Moreover, it's the super peak season during the school holidays. I only managed to reserve this hotel after calling the reservations centre numerous times. I couldn't get any room for Saturday, that's why we went on Sunday.

Sunday ~ We started the journey at 10:30am. Stopped at the Chin Swee Temple on the way up. PaPa prayed while I took care of the kids. Brought them to see tortoises at the pond. Then it rained. So we didn't get to walk around and take pictures.

We went straight for lunch when we reached the hotel. After lunch, it was just after 2pm (check-in time 3pm). We checked-in first although the room wasn't ready yet. Then we went to the First World Indoor Theme Park.

I bought the tickets for myself and XY. There were so many people everywhere. All the rides has very long queues (have to wait 20-30 minutes for our turn). While PaPa waited with XY to play the Junior Bumper Car, I brought CE to line up for the Ferris Wheel. Only 3 of us took the ride. After that, we were all so tired and it's already way past the kids' nap time. So we headed back to the hotel. Took a short nap with the kids while PaPa went to explore on his own.

~ Junior Bumper Car ride ~

For dinner, we had Burger King at First World Plaza. Then we went to ride the Reindeer Cruiser. Next, The Carousel. By the time we finished, it's already 10+. Look at all the time wasted lining up. Sigh... although it was a Sunday night, I guess you can't avoid the big crowd during school holidays. XY doesn't seem very interested in the rides. Some rides that she wanted to play, she didn't meet the requirements, either too tall or too short. :-| Anyway, she's more interested in the arcade games. As for CE, he's ok with anything. Still too young to appreciate the rides, I suppose.

Back to the hotel, I put the kids to sleep and PaPa went to try his luck at the casino. I was already in deep sleep when he came back at 2+. He was very lucky so our trip was partially sponsored. hehehe

Monday ~ After breakfast, we went to the Rainforest Splash Pool (with heated water). Luckily I checked the Genting website prior to the trip. So I brought along the hotel passbook, which entitled 4 passes to the pool (so happy can save some money :D).

The kids enjoyed the most in the water park. XY, as usual, went to play on her own. Didi, on the other hand, is contented enough to splash water standing on a particular spot. I asked if he'd like to play the water slide, he said "no". I managed to carry him up the stairs and down the slide. He didn't ask for a second round. Then he discovered his favourite spot - the flat tub at the end of the slide. Luckily he was not blocking people's way. So he just sat there and played on his own.

Bringing the kids to the water park was a wise decision coz they really enjoyed themselves and we old folks got to relax awhile in the heated pool. They played for about an hour, then we went back to the hotel to pack and check-out. It had started to rain again. After lunch at the Chinese restaurant, we left for home sweet home.

How was the holiday? Not that tiring for us (all activities within the same area) and I think mission accomplished - to bring the kids out for a fun outing. Well, I think they did enjoy themselves. Although not at the theme park, I'm sure they had plenty of fun at the pool. But if we ever plan to bring the kids to the theme parks again, we'll go on a weekday, when it's not the school holidays. The crowd's just crazy!


U.Lee said...

Hi Slavemom, interesting read your this GH posting.
I have seen many pics of GH past few years and can't believe how much it has changed.
I was around, read in papers I mean, when Datuk Lim Goh Tong had meetings with then Tunku Abdul Rahman, and the Sultan of Pahang on his idea of building a casino resort up there in the 60's.
And when they started building the road up as well the buildings, I was involved in a couple of projects joke then driving up when the roads not fully surfaced yet as well the many landslides.
I used to go up fairly often with my SYT's then, but not liking gambling, maybe the odd 20 rgt on the slots, more for chiak hong and walking in the mist.
But have always love Cameron Highlands....
You have beautiful kids, I bet they really enjoyed themselves there.
Have a beautiful Sunday, Lee.

kiasumum said...

i went up on thurs for day trip and there was a queue too, anyhow, the kids enjoy the rides there.

wen said...

all kids just love genting. not only uncle lim's family are making from the adults aka casino but also theme park! smart old man, but too bad me and him not related although sharing smae surname! haha!

JO-N said...

Hey, that's the day we came down from the mountain! The rainforest splash pool...where is it? Didn't know about this but I think it's pretty awesome!

suesue said...

I am just the opposite side from yours. You have your holidays with kids during school holiday but I will start my holiday with them next week once I am back from Chiangmai. Hahaha ... the kids got to ponteng school for 3 days.

Wah your kids really have a nice time at that Splash pool ya. I never know there is one at Genting. Maybe the next time I must bring them there d.

jacss said...'s really scarry going there during school holiday so i would have avoid it too next time!!

hey...i also never came across the pool leh...always thot that it's not a good idea to swim bcoz of d weather but it will now be in our to-do list in our next visit!!

btw, yr girl very brave la...during our last trip my chicken boys still scare to go for d bumper car ride.....sigh !!!

Oliveoylz said...

I can never understand why ppl I know always win at the casino. No such luck with us :(

The roller coaster still there? Woooo...that was fun, 12 yrs ago...

Bryan's Mama said...

Sounds like fun...but sound tiring too!!!

andrewjune said...

GH was always my favourite spot for a short cooling up there!
and it's partially sponsored at times so it was a GREAT holidays yeah :-)
nice photos at the rainforest splash pool!

Anggie's journel said...

Look like ur kids had a great school holiday . I went there this year for my site photo taking, not bringing Jeremy along. Thot i he is still too young for all this activities... but surely one day will bring him along .... so cooling :)

sting said...

ya... it's unbelievable during holidays! but it was a good getaway ya.. :-)

bp said...

I know what you mean about crazy crowds and long lines!

But glad your kids enjoyed the water works best of all! It works for my boys most of the time, too!

slavemom said...

Unc Lee, yeah... GH is a nice plc for couples to hang out. Nice weather.

Fiona, at least the kids enjoyed the rides. So still worth the long q.

Wen, yeah... they make money from the vy young to the vy old. 'Fatt tai tatt.'

Joanne, the entrance is near the First World Indoor Theme Park (near the carousel).

Sue, it's better to hv a hol when everyone's not. Can avoid the crowd.

Jac, it's really nice to soak in the heated pool. :)

Juana, there r many more 'chi kek' things to play at the outdoor theme park now.

Paik Ling, if compared to our Sgp trip end of last yr, this is considered kacang liao. :D

June, when we walked all over the plc, we were tired, but we din sweat at all. So it din feel that bad.

Anggie, rmbr not to wait too long till he's over the height limit for certain rides.

Siew Ting, yeah.. a good short getaway.

bp, luckily we managed to do something which they enjoyed thoroughly. After all, the trip was meant for them.