Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Father's Day '08

This is what XY did in kindy for PaPa.

~ a little signboard ~

Although it was Father's Day, PaPa didn't get to relax at home and do nothing. He's still got 'work' to do.

* He brought us for buffet hi-tea at Sun & Surf Cafe (Sunway Resort Hotel & Spa). Travelling time - 1 hour, to and fro. Coz Mummy doesn't know how to drive so far. And I'm sure he doesn't dare to sit in the car when Mummy's in the driver's seat. :p

* He paid for the buffet. Coz Mummy's unemployed. hahaha

* He had to coach XY on her Chinese writing at night, right before bedtime. Coz Mummy skipped that on Friday, thinking there's the weekend to do it, but totally forgot about it.

I agree completely when XY said, "You're the best father in the world."

P/S : I'll try to reduce your 'work' next Father's Day ok? :D


Ling That's Me said...

the signboard is very nice!

andrewjune said...

seems like he has done a great "job" hehehe...
very creative of XY to do up a signboard for his daddy :-)

jazzmint said...

wah....XY say liddat he heart oso melt lor...gotta do work oso ok kekke...happy belated father's day

Anggie's Journal said...

Great Dad !! Happy Belated father Day

Oliveoylz said...

Nice & creative signboard :)

Such a great dad...and hubby too.

jacss said...

ya wor....'hou hou sin sang' i read... :)p
next yr dun be so lazy ya !!!

Lovely Mummy said...

well done, i wonder when my son knows how to do it for his daddy..

bp said...

That's a very nice gift for his daddy that XY did!

And all the stuff that your hubby got to do... it's what daddies do as much as they can, whenever they can (amdist their busy schedules), so, three cheers for what a great husband and dad your husband is =)!!!