Saturday, June 14, 2008

Double Celebration

This weekend we have a double celebration because today is PaPa's birthday and tomorrow is Father's Day. I'd like to take this opportunity to wish all fathers a very Happy Father's Day!

This year, apart from giving him a card, I surprised him with a present - a Braun Buffel wallet. As I've mentioned before, I seldom buy him gifts (my definition of gift = something practical) coz I'm not sure if he'll like them (don't trust my fashion sense hehehe). But I wanted to give him a surprise, like how he surprised me, showering me with lovely gifts. And I was really relieved when he said it's "quite nice" after he opened the present. Hey, that's good enough for me.

We didn't have an elaborate celebration as PaPa liked it simple. So it was porridge for lunch at home and 'latt thong' for dinner at our usual restaurant. He specifically told me not to get him a cake. But he changed his mind at night. Said he didn't mind me getting him a few pieces, not the whole cake. Must be because his precious daughter convinced him birthday must have cake. And he knows she loves to eat them.

We went to Secret Recipe to buy 4 slices of cake after dinner. We sang the birthday song and the kids helped him blow the candle and cut the cake (just once, for formality purposes :D). So now his birthday is complete.

~ the not-so-nicely-arranged cakes ~

And he's got another task to do... open up a durian. SIL brought over a big durian a short while after we reached home. Her father came to visit and the durian is homegrown. See how huge it is (I purposely put a tablespoon there for estimation, CSI style hahaha)?

~ huge leh ~

~ 'slaughtering' the durian ~

~ fragrant... delicious... mmmm... syiok! ~

We tried to eat as much as we could coz it won't taste so good the next day. At the end, only 2 pieces went into the fridge. The kids had their first taste of durian. XY said it's smelly and she didn't like it. As for CE, he didn't spit it out nor ask for more. I haven't eaten durian for a very long time already. It's very fragrant and tasted really good. Very satisfied! *burp* (excuse me)


Mummy to QiQi said...

hehe...use a spoon to eat durian? Wanna know how i eat during? i love keeping all the durians into a close up container and place them into fridge. It would taste even better the next day, haha!!!

jazzmint said...

wah wah..yummy durian girl loves durian..she keep asking for more LOL

Ling That's Me said...

durians!! yum yummm....

Alicia said...

yummy yummy yummy.... my fav fruit

BabyBooned said...

hahhahaha! there's just something about durians. i myself love eating em but i hate the smell!!! cant stand it! maybe one day xy will like it too. hehehe

Oliveoylz said...

Happy Bday to CB! Don't think he remembers me...I only met him once carrying bb XY...I thk she was 1 then...

I c my fav banana choc cake there...I want one too!

Haven't had durians this season. The last time I had it I "masuk angin". I bot the ready-packed once from Jusco...i thk they must have left it o'nite : (

Lovely Mummy said...

look so delicious the cakes..OMF, durians, I like to eat but due to my health problem, I cant take it.. :(

Jesslyn said...

wow, serve durian by plate!

we just eat like that using hands until licking hands! LOL

andrewjune said...

next time you want to eat durian, must eat balik pulau's durians...the BEST ahhh! hahaha...
i always ask the durian seller to "slaughter" the durians for me cos i get panic when i use the big parang hahaha...timid me!
anyway, you were right...bali hai's price is damn right steep!

Mummy In Vain said...

happy belated birthday to ur hub!...and, happy father's day too!

kiasumum said...

happy belated birthday to your lou kung jai and the durian so yummy yummy.... drooling now... hehehe!!

Dora said...

Happy Belated Birthday to ur hubby & Happy Father's Day! Oops...I'm not a durian fan.

U.Lee said...

Hi Slavemom, may I suggest, next hubby's birthday, you combine both, send the kids to grandma's house.
Go have seafood dinner, you belanjar him, order champagne, then return home early, dim the lights, listen to soft Hawaiian music, and...retire early, say, "happy birthday". Ha ha.

Looking at him opening durian, I never use a knife. Instead I use a big, long, thick screwdriver...I push it in thru the back, dead centre and pry it open. Easier and safer....this my way. Love durians.
Especially with santan and gula Melaka. Lee.

Sasha said...

ooo i love overnight durians in the fridge. Super chilled and yummy!

slavemom said...

Chin Nee, din use spoon to eat, just to show how big the durian n plate r. Hubby said durian if kept overnight become watery wor. But it tasted really good lah when it's chilled, even tho they were 2 days old.

Jazz, hubs n I love durians. So we were asking each other whose child is that. kekeke

Ling & Alicia, I still want more.

BabyBooned, that's so weird. Love the fruit, but hate the smell. :D

Juana, he knows u lah. Thx for the b'day wish.

Shirley, nvm... health more imp.

Jess, put in plate oso can eat till finger licking good. hehehe

June, then must try Balik Pulau one.

Jacelyn, Fiona & Dora, thx!

Unc Lee, that sounds great but the kids' grandparents r all out of state. So no two-some time for us.
Yes, I think using a screwdriver is much safer.

Sasha, chilled ones r vy nice too!

Anggie's Journal said...

i been longing for durian lei .... u ar ... see ... now i cant wait already *-*

Bryan's Mama said...

aiyah....why you show photos of durian to a pregnant woman? Raise my gian only hahahaha

jacss said...

eeee...yikes....i can smell yr durian 'burp' edi, hahaha
very strange why some ppl thinks that durian stink scot is just like yr XY...he will run his life away when we tried to force the durian to his mouth...& i love to see that...hahaha!!
different flavours of cakes lagi best...happy belated b'day to yr good lou-kung ya!!