Monday, June 23, 2008

25 Months Old

Yesterday CE turned 25 months old. Only managed to update his progress today as I was busy and tired after XY's Sports Day yesterday.

Weight - a drop of 100g from last month, probably due to flu.
Height - not measured but definitely growing taller. His pants do get shorter and shorter. Moreover, his palm can almost reach under the tap (at the basin) when he tip-toes. I don't have to carry him so I'll have both hands free to wash his thoroughly.

There's a slight improvement of speech, but very minimal. Although he pronounces most words by saying the last syllable, he does say some proper words. For example, "open" instead of "penn" and "Minnie" instead of "Ni".

His love for fruits has returned. The previous month, he wasn't too enthusiastic about eating fruits. Now he's happily munching them but can be quite selective. His current favourites are banana, persimmon and plum. Getting tired of apples and pears.
He's really crazy over rice. Sometimes he'll want to eat some plain white rice while we're having our meal even though he's just finished his dinner. We offered him rice crackers but he preferred rice! :-|

Eating Out
He's not too cooperative when we eat out. Less problem at home coz he's glued to the tv, watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. So when he's not eating properly outside, we'll give him biscuit or fruits, feed him his rice while he's eating the biscuit/fruits. Yes, he has fruits and rice in one mouth, eating them at the same time.
Or when our rice has come, he'll demand to have ours and not finish his own. He's happy eating plain rice that was from our plate.

Motor Skill
He's very good at making Mickey Mouse. He uses the round stamper to chop 3 circles on the drawing board. When given some coins, he arranges 3 coins to make up the head and ears. While he's sitting on the potty and playing with the cups (used for gargling), he arranges them nicely and says "mouse ear".

He gives out a very high pitched scream, just for the fun of it. The more we ask him to stop, the more he'll scream.
He fake-cry a lot now. When he doesn't get his way, he goes huuu... huuu... huuu... (dragging the huuu). Totally irritating! Most times, we don't give in. So why is he still using that tactic?
He touches his "bird-bird" when he's not wearing a diaper under his pants. At first I thought he was signalling that he wants to pee, but looks like he's developed a bad habit.


Ling That's Me said...

my son also likes to touch his birdie when he's without pants. it's a growing phase for boy. hehe.

wen said...

so matured liao hor..3rd one coming or not?

andrewjune said...

wah happy 25 mths old :-)
it's good if he loves's good for him, lots of fibre will help to prevent constipation.
loving his big lovely eyes :-)

Yatie said...

ashraff also will touch his bird bird when he's not wearing nappy..maybe tickeling his thing. so i gave him underwear

giddy tigress said...

Sounds like your boy and mine will hit it off just fine! So when wanna meet up?

sting said...

oh love that cheeky look of his... sure jadi "lui-sat-sao" next time :-)

huisia said...

Happy 25 months leng zai:)

Oliveoylz said...

I like that "cheeky" look...he looks like his up to something...

Glad that he's into fruits again. Great! It amazes me to see kids eat a variety of fruits, including persimmon. Mine only eats apple, apple or apple. Sigh!

slavemom said...

Ling, guess will just hv to wait the phase to pass.

Wen, NOPE!

June, I'm thankful the kids love fruits. No forcing or coaxing required. :)

Yatie, will keep that in mind.

Joyce, the next time I'm back in Pg? Will let u know in adv. :)

Siew Ting, hahaha.

Hui Sia, :)

Juana, at least SP eats apples, still fruits mah. ;)