Tuesday, January 06, 2009

School Reopened

On the 1st day of school, PaPa fetched XY to kindy although she could follow chik chik's (BIL) car. Her cousin brother, CH, is also attending the same kindy. BIL left after awhile and SIL stayed on to accompany CH (who's adapting very well in school). So I fetched all of them back when school was dismissed. This orientation week, the school hours are shorter.

XY was very happy that her class is called Strawberry 6. Coz she loves pink and red. The names of the classes change every year, depending on the theme. On Monday morning, she was quite reluctant to wake up, as expected. During the holidays or weekends, she can wake up very early on her own but on a school day, it's very difficult to get her to wake up. :-| But today, she woke up once the alarm rang because she wants to be in Strawberry 6. :D I wonder how long this enthusiasm will last.

They had assembly on Monday. XY told me she was asked to raise the flag (together with another student) when they sang Negaraku. This is her 3rd year in the kindy so I guess the teachers know her very well and know how "helpful" she is. hehehe

When I checked her bag, there're only 4 books there. Some of the books have been taken out and kept in school. We got the books in December but I was just too lazy to wrap them. I only wrote her name with a marker pen the day before school reopened. What a lazy mommy. :p When I saw that the books were slightly dog-eared after just one day in the bag, I decided to wrap them. Luckily I have some transparent wrappers at home. So I spent about 1½ hours wrapping them yesterday. Better late than never. hehehe

Now that CH and XY are in the same school, SIL and I can take turns to pick them up after school. But PaPa insisted on fetching his precious to school every morning (like what he's been doing). Guess he just wants to spend as much time as he can with her, even though it's only a 5-minute drive.


Uncle Lee said...

Hi Slavemom, I still remember my mom wrapping my school books young days. She used brown paper and would write my name in block letters.

Have fun with the kids....they grow up fast. Best regards, Lee.

JO-N said...

This is the time we are tired, right? but then, once they are in school, we have some time for ourselves.

Hey Ginie, try those ready made wrappers, just slip the book in and stick one end. I'm using that. Too lazy to cut and paste.

Hazel said...

when they start school, we as a parents are busy too..

Fussy mum said...

It's good that the kindy keeps some of the books. My gal's kindy does that too and now her bag is so much lighter. :)

Health Freak Mommy said...

Wah, you even wrap your girl's books. Is it the school's requirement?

Bryan and Brandon's Mama said...

I don't like wrapping books quite frankly cos they always turn out very ugly. I'm sorry for my kids haha

Irene said...

wah, good good!

if me also i think i will wrap the kids' books... hehehe.. if not sure jadi kiam chai :)

Alicia said...

now dat both attended school, u will have half aday free time... how nice

LittleLamb said...

Glad ur kids adjusted to school well.

Oliveoylz said...

Really salute u wrapping XY's textbooks! I think I'll only do it when he starts primary ed. he he. Btw, same here, my boy would wake up very early during the hols to play but can't wake up on his own to got to sch! haha. Great similarities our kids share ;p

andrewjune said...

i remember we wrap our own books...not by my parents :-)

happy back to school to XY!

slavemom said...

Unc Lee, last time we used watever paper we can find at home. Recycled those big wall calendars, save $.

Joanne, I thot those r for note books (buku latihan)? They hv different sizes for text books?

Hazel, and this yr she's got spelling test too.

Ivy, yeah... she doesn't hv to carry many books in the bag. That's gonna be so different in primary schl.

Shireen, no lah. I jes felt vy hardworking that day. hehehe

Paik Ling, nvm, u can get ur maid to do it. :D

Irene, ya lor... she's been having 'kiam chai' for the past 2 yrs. hehehe

Alicia & Rachel, CE hasn't started kindy yet. CH is her cousin bro. Sorry, a bit confusing hor.

Olive, I felt a bit bad coz SIL wrapped all her boy's text books. :p

June, when she's old enuff to do so, she'll be doing it herself too.

Mummy Gwen said...

During my schooling days, I used to wrap the textbooks myself and wrap for my sister too. It's a tiring job la..haha.

XY likes going to school hor. good girl.

jacss said...

good that u hv SIL to share d burden of fetching d kids...less sien !!!
what a sweet name for d class...strawberry but wonder if boys would like the idea, haha
teacher certainly seemed to like yr sweetie lor...next time sure become 'monitor', 'prefect' or even 'head prefect' wan....i can imagine d mumy beaming in pride edi lor....
kenot lazy lar...books for monkey must wrap wan, else u know how they will end up BUT then i delicated the job to kakak...since she so free, LOL LOL
huby so sweet, mumy getting more good..er life !!

slavemom said...

Mummy Gwen, she's ok with attending schl, but still difficult to get her to wake up every morning. :|

Jac, ya lor... after seeing her 'kiam chai' for 2 yrs, decided not to be so lazy this yr. :D Oh, if kakak can do a good job, might as well let her do it. ;)