Monday, May 05, 2008

Po Po Came To Visit

Last week was a non-routine week as my mom was here for a visit. She reached on Wednesday night and left yesterday afternoon. Ever since I've got kids, I go back to my hometown less than 4 times a year. Unlike before, I used to go home about once a month. I do feel bad that we don't go back to visit her often. But she's very understanding, it's not so convenient to travel with young children. So sometimes she comes to visit, either alone, or with my brother and family.

Thursday ~ It was a public holiday (Labour's Day) so hubby wasn't working. We went to visit my aunt (mom's eldest SIL) in Bukit Jelutong. Before heading to aunt's place, we had bak kut teh for lunch in Puchong. By mid afternoon, the kids were tired but they couldn't sleep when I tried to make them sleep in my aunt's room. They are not very adaptable when it comes to napping. Must only nap at home in our own bed. Or in the car, during a car ride. We left at about 6pm and within minutes, they dozed off in the car.

Friday ~ Routine day as usual.

Saturday ~ For lunch, we went for buffet dim sum at Equatorial Hotel. After that, went to Jusco, Cheras Selatan for a walk. Wanted to buy a pair of shoes for mom but couldn't find a suitable one. But XY got a pair of sandals. While I was busy looking for mom's shoes, she was busy trying out some on her own. And she wanted to buy this pink sandals. And it comes with a bag (which I didn't know at first). I thought she get the sandals, I get the bag. But no, she said the bag's hers. So I can only borrow from her. Well, at least she allows me to borrow. hehehe

~ pink sandals XY chose herself ~

Although we didn't intend to spend so long there, we jalan jalan till 5+ (spent about 3 hours there). We had porridge for dinner. After a heavy lunch, a simple (and some-what healthier?) dinner was nice.

Sunday ~ Sent mom to the bus station in KL KTM station. Then we headed to MidValley for lunch at Madam Kwan's. Finally, I got to eat the Nasi Bojari again (the last time was about 10 years ago). The chicken drumstick is really huge. We also had the Sambal Petai, Beef Rendang and Fried Koay Teow (for XY). All the food were really delicious! Sorry, no pictures for you to drool over. :p

Next to the restaurant is Toys 'R' Us. I went in to search for the Tommee Tippee Roll & Go Bib (the one with crumb catcher). It's so hard to find this bib. I saw it in an online store. I've searched in a lot of shops in Sunway Pyramid but couldn't find it. I've almost gave up looking for it already but since Toys 'R' Us were just next door, I went in to take a look. They don't have the bib but we didn't come out empty-handed. More toys to fill up the house.

~ Fun Year Light-Up Keyboard with mic and stool for jie jie ~

~ Fisher-Price: Learning Toolbench for didi ~

The kids were very happy while Po Po was here as they had lots of outings. As they didn't take their usual naps for the last few days, have to make sure they rest enough this week. Time for everyone to recharge!


Ling That's Me said...

I have the same Fisher-Price toy too! :)

Yatie said...

i like the bag..... why girls like pink... afriena also love pink

wen said...

wah free bag some more?

how much is the keyboard ah?

bp said...

What a fruitful time spent with PoPo! I'm sure she had a good time bonding with the kids, too!

XY got good taste and picked out the bag and sandals all at the same time! Have fun with the other new toys =)

Tot's Mom said...

Very matching bag and sandals! :)

chanelwong said...

must be busy week but yet fruitful time...

Hazel said...

wow, the shoes is so match with that handbag..

giddy tigress said...

Yay! XY knows how to share! :)
How come no picture of nasi bojari?

slavemom said...

Ling, my boy's still vy interested in it. I like it too coz it's vy educational n fun.

Yatie, my girl everything oso must be pink. :-|

Wen, keyboard RM130. Now got sales leh, till 19/5. U can chk out their website for the promotion items.

bp, now that's her fav sandals. Don't want to wear any others.

Audrey, I really din expect that bag to come with kids' sandals.

Chanel, yeah.. I don't mind this kind of busy-ness. :)

Hazel, nice hor. But the bag's not vy suitable for lil girls.

Joyce, sorry ah. Me not vy pro one. Sometimes too lazy to take pics of the food we eat. hehehe

Anonymous said...

i am sure the kids were truly enjoyed


jacss said...

so did u cry cry when mom go home...sob sob sob?? it's pretty sad that the loved ones r not nearby!
eh, eat at pch ah, didn't call me wan...j.k....
wah...yr mom is willing to dress up so girly+sweet ka??
d little keyboard looks interesting...but if my 2 kingkong lay their hands over, habis lar... very fast it will collapse, haha!!

Mummy to QiQi said...

when i see so many people praise the nasi lemak from Mdm Kwan, I want to go try but hb said it is silly to pay so much for nasi lemak...hehe

nice that your kids are having fun when their granny is here :)

Mummy In Vain said...

wow, so nice one ar...can share with mum!

btw, a tag for u abt the coming special day.

sting said...

that's a nice pair of sandals and matching bag.. well, at least she "allows" mummy to borrow.. hehe never tried Nasi Bojari, sounds delicious... will try next time :-)

suesue said...

Aik I was at Toy R Us too leh. And my son got another Thomas the train again. I am sick of the train now.

jazzmint said...

hey my kids has the same keyboard hehe

Lovely Mummy said...

i like the music keyboard and thinking to buy one for my kid..hehe

Anggie's journel said...

btw buffet dim sum at Equatorial Hotel , nice ?? how's the environment there ??

Health Freak Mommy said...

What a fun outing with lots of eating! You can get the Tommee Tippee bib with the crumb catcher from The Baby Loft shop too. Mother Care also has it.

slavemom said...

Hui Sia, yeah.. they're happy with the outings n I'm happy that they get to bond with Po Po.

Jac, not so dramatic lah. Eyes a bit watery loh. hehehe Eh, the sandals r my girl's one. :)

Chin Nee, then dont order nasi lemak. Nasi bojari is something different. :)

Jacelyn, sometimes she can be quite generous.

Siew Ting, ya lor, so generous of her. :D

Sue, u can open a Thomas shop liao. hehehe

Jazz, do they fight over it? CE likes to switch it off while jie jie is dancing with the music. :-|

Shirley, it's quite fun. I'm sure Marcus will like it.

Anggie, Golden Phoenix is quite nice. Usually not many patrons (quite quiet), except on special days (Valentine's, Mother's, Father's Day, etc). But the buffet is better on special days (got more varieties, not just dim sum). More expensive than usual tho.

Shireen, thx for the info! Now I know where to look. :)

Oliveoylz said...

Can tell XY is a pink lover. Trying to imagine u carrying the bag, matchy matchy with XY's sandal...both in pink tops ;p