Thursday, May 22, 2008

2 Years Old

Here's an update of my 2 year-old boy :

Weight - 13 kg (measured on 9-5-08)
Height - 91 cm (home measurement)

He starts to use more than 1 word in his 'conversation'. For example, "jie jie cry", "PaPa draw", "Mi sit".
He pronounces most words by saying the last syllable - "mish" (finish), "pern" (elephant), "zerd" (lizard), "bit" (rabbit), "ruff" (giraffe), etc.

Meal Time
Nowadays he rarely feeds himself. His eyes will be glued to the tv while we feed him his rice. Sometimes, he'll pick the food with his hands, then put into his mouth. The only way he can sit still to eat is when we switch on Mickey Mouse Clubhouse (his one and only love) for him to watch. And every time at the end of the show (when they start to do the hot dog dance), he'll come down from his chair, even though he hasn't finished his meal yet. So we'll have to quickly switch on another episode for him in order for him to finish his meal.

He sometimes doesn't like to eat fruits. Will take a few bites of every piece and that's it. He also prefers to use his hand, instead of using a fork.

Toilet Training
Not much progress in toilet training. He can sometimes tell me he wants to pee but usually he's wet his pants a bit. But I think he has some bladder control as he can wait for a little while for me to bring him to the potty. As for bowel movement, I can safely say he has very good control. He's not soiled his diaper for a long time already. When he wants to poo, he'll pat his backside and say "shee shee". And I'll ask him "sai sai"? Then he'll repeat "sai sai".

Motor Skill
He can walk up and down the stairs quite well, by holding on to the railing.
He can switch on/off the lights and fan, using his index finger or thumb.
As he only turns in one direction for each hand, he opens the tap with his right hand and closes it with his left.

Still doesn't know how to gargle. Not too enthusiastic about brushing his teeth either. And he only allows me to brush his lower gum. He seemed to be in pain if I brush the upper part. I don't know why.

When he got scolded, he'll close his eyes tight. As if telling us, "I can't see you, I can't hear you." Then he'll open his eyes a bit to peep at us.
After his bath, he likes to run around naked, asking me to play catching with him.
He likes PaPa to draw on his palm (tortoise, Mickey ears, cat). Then he'll come and show me, "nice nice".

He doesn't know his ABCs but can recite some of the numbers. "One, two, twee, four, six, eight, nine, ten". I thought he was able to recognise the numbers when I showed him the Uno card. But it was a wild guess as I showed him the same number again but he gave a different answer.

Lovey Dovey
He's still very generous with his kisses. Now we (PaPa and I) don't even have to ask for it, he'll give us a big wet smack (loudly) on the lips or cheek.

Big Bully
Really bullies me to the max. He doesn't want Kakak to bring him to the basin to wash his hands. After washing, I must be the one to wipe it dry. Doesn't want her to accompany him in the toilet while he does his big business. Almost everything I must do for him.


Anggie's journel said...

CE meal time was same as Jeremy too .. most of the time i have to On the Barney or any CD he like, only he diam diam and eat .. other wise ..... cant sit long .
Actually this wasn't a good way , but sometime i m surrender and have to On the TV .
Another way was, i give him spoon and bowl and some of his food, so he will busy eating and i feed him quickly . But this way, we have more work to clean up la ....
My Boy also a Big Bully, i m the victim la ... who else !!!

andrewjune said...

happy belated birthdday to CE boy :-)
time flies ehhh...

andrewjune said...

so you're from penang too? GREAT!

wen said...

happy birthday!

maybe kakak is new so he is not used to her leh..hehe

LindaLow said...

Your boy becoming more and more handsome huh:) Don't he make you feel important by asking u to do everything for him? When Brandon does that to me, i felt terrible too because the Kakak is there and he doesn't want. But it makes me feel good too bcos I know i'm still the most prefered one..ha..ha..

Oliveoylz said...

really crack me up that he says "shee shee" when he meant "sai sai" funny. can just imagine it. ha ha ha. so cuteeeeeee!

Hazel said...

good improvement,like Nelson he is now more XL pampers for him lor

U.Lee said...

Hi Slavemom, gosh! Thats one real good looking boy you have...wait till he reaches 18, the SYT's (sweet young things) will have to take a number.
Must be his good looks a combination of your exotic beauty and handsome hubby, huh?
You stay easy and have a wonderful weekend, Lee.

Jess said...

Happy belated birthday! CE!

jazzmint said...

wahh..close eyes when kena scolding cute...

he's opposite of mine, loves to eat fruits..but not solids :S..

sting said...

happy birthday!! love the pictures calendar you have for him in the previous post... oh, mine bullies me too..

Tot's Mom said...

Aiyo, I think most kids are big bullies. Including mine...

suesue said...

Happy belated birthday to CE boy. Time flies ya. I love seeing kids grown up but now worried that they grown up too fast.

jacss said...

haha...first time hear ppl say 'sai-sai' instead of poo-poo..LOL

his response to being scolded was so cute....+ cheeky of course, how could u managed to continue in angry???

kesian...u have to clean his big bis despite got 'kakak' around, haha

BabyBooned said...

way to go CE! I love the hot-dog-hot-dog-hot-diggity-dog dance myself ;)

Yatie said...

happy b'day to the hensem boy.... wah he is more heavier than my 2 .5yos daughter...

Baby Smooches said...

I think we mummies are to be bullied! hehehe... we are the one they come to in times of "trouble"...

bp said...

Let me guess... one of your faves among so many of CE's delightful milestones, must be CE's smacks on the lips or cheeks! =) My little boy Ben sometimes will still do that (and I hope he won't outgrow it too soon!)... it always makes me feel so loved ;p

slavemom said...

Anggie, wat to do, tv's the easiest way to make them sit still. Just want them to finish their meal with the least effort. :p

June, my hometown's Pg but I'm living in Selangor now.

Wen, new Kakak not as playful as the prev one. So they're not so 'kamching'.

Linda, yeah... sometimes it does feel great that the kiddo only wants Mommy. :)

Juana, so I need to look at his action to know whether he wanna poo or pee. hehehe

Hazel, wow... 17kg, n he's oni 2+?

Uncle Lee, we've just proven that unattractive couples can actually produce cute kids. LOL

Jess, thx!

Jazz, eat more fruits better than eating snacks.

Siew Ting & Audrey, looks like all the mommies kena bullied hor.

Sue, we r so fickle, rite? Quickly grow up, but slow down. Huh? :D

Jac, luckily now not so messy as he uses the toilet bowl.

BabyBooned, vy catchy tune ya.

Yatie, girls tend to be lighter. :) Anyway, as long as they're growing healthily, weight is not an issue.

Sharon, it's an honour to be bullied. hahaha

bp, u r so rite! ;)