Monday, May 12, 2008

Cervical Cancer Vaccine

Before I talk about the vaccine, let me update a little on CE's ear infection. His fever has subsided yesterday. Thank you all for your well wishes. I was really relieved his fever has subsided as he had to take paracetamol every 4 to 5 hours the day before. He's alright now and just needs to finish his course of antibiotics.

Feeding him medicine is a struggle every time (that's like 2 or 3 times a day!). I've to hold him tightly and force feed him. And he's really a strong li'l guy. Sometimes he can even escape from my grip.

Now back to the vaccine. I saw the poster in the paediatrician's clinic quite some time back. And I finally asked the doctor about it during the last visit. There are 3 jabs altogether (2nd jab 2 months later, 3rd jab 6 months after the 1st). Each jab costs RM450. The only thing he mentioned is that if I plan to get pregnant within that 6 months, then it's not recommended as there're no research on pregnant women. Fine with me as we definitely don't have the plan to increase our family headcount. hehehe

Even though the vaccine's quite expensive, I think it's a good prevention as cervical cancer is the second most common cancer (after breast cancer) in Malaysia. Anyone of you has taken this vaccine?


Tracy said...

Good to hear dat CE's okay.

As for the vaccine, haven't heard of this *blek*. Wow! RM450 per jab is not cheap and is it a one time matter or to have the jabs every year?

wen said...

i read that it is proven for younger gals, but not our age..isnt it? something like the percentage is lower for our age...thats why i still hv doubts since it is quite new.. wait first... and see how

Alicia said...

yes i have taken my 2nd jab and my 3rd jab will due in August... i paid B175 per jab

Oliveoylz said...

I've read that it is more effective for girls as young as 9 to early twenties to take the jab. My friend in KL who's in her thirties was told by her doc that it's no point taking it. However, I have a friend in Aust who took it in her thirties. Am confused.

chanelwong said...

heard there are 2 companies providing this Vaccines..One is GSK and the other ic MSD..

The one from MSD is valid for younger for the new is valid up to older ladies..

mybabybay said...

The vaccine is only good for women aged between 9 to 26. I am above 26 so doesn't work for me.

Btw, as long as you stay loyal to your hubby and your hubby is loyal to you, chances of getting cervical cancer is low.

jacss said... a shock seeing d title itself, 'lei moi hak ngor'!!

after reading...then baru i know got such prevention, haha

but then, i read lots of conflicting comments up there lar...will certainly be interested to see what u have decided in d end & probably some valuable advice for us later!!!

slavemom said...

Tracy, not every yr. If I'm not mistaken, I read somewhere that it'll last for 4 yrs.

Wen, I saw the same info too.

Alicia, if converted, it's cheaper there.

Juana, I'd better chk with my gynae then.

Chanel, I thot oni 1 type of vaccine from 1 co. Must find out more.

Mich, but past r/ships hv to be taken into a/c too. So the risk is still there.

Jac, I'll find out more b4 making a decision. Will share later ya.

alicia said...

ginie, my fren told me she asked her gynae n its onli about RM275 leh.... my understanding and the one i took is prevention from 10 to 45 yrs old n according to my family dr he said the virus doesnt spread thru sexual contact onli, now can get it easily even from TOILET SEAT (esp public) its about hygiene now, sounds scary dats y i took