Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Eat The Seed

One of XY's favourite fruits is peach. When we had fruits for teatime the other day, I asked Kakak to keep the peach for PaPa as he hadn't eaten any. XY immediately protested and said she wanted to eat it. Kakak usually cuts out the flesh and there'll be 4 pieces. So XY will have 2 and I'll have 2. The seed goes to me too, of coz. And this was XY's allocation.

XY : I eat 2, you eat 2.
Me : Then PaPa leh?
XY : Give him the seed.
(I burst out laughing... thinking how kind she is to her father.)
Me : You're so kind to PaPa ah? Let him eat the seed?
XY : Ok loh. I eat 2, leave 2 for PaPa then you eat the seed.
Me : Uh... ok loh. (She's so 'kind' to me now.)

She can really eat a lot of fruits. We normally have 3 to 4 kinds of fruits. And she gets half of the portion. Didi and I will share the other half. Well, didi doesn't take a lot - maximum 2 pieces of fruits (that's like half a fruit). That means, I eat less than her! Hey I'm not complaining. I'm fine with her being 'greedy' with healthy food.


giddy tigress said...

How awesome! You can be creative and make different food items with peaches to tickle her fancy!

Sasha said...

alamak...mommy take all the seeds then can grow peach tree on the head edi. hahah

Zooropa said...

I've added u in my blogroll already. Sorry ah...I forgotten earlier. Thx 4 adding 2!


JO-N said...

Hahaha, I wonder why daddy and mummy always have to eat the seeds and the bones.

wen said...

buy more fruits ler...

sting said...

haha! as long as she gets her portion ya :-) good that she likes fruits..

suesue said...

Wah she is so smart hor know how to change the story hor.

Jacss said...

ahh...that makes me guilty coz i hardly have fruit in d fridge.... i go bang at the wall first!!

yalah...i agree, buy more fruits lor...btw, seed can eat wan meh? u tell her, later mumy dady got choke how...haha??

Anonymous said...

Simply hilarious. Could't stop laughing. Kids are soooooooo innocent :P Juana

jazzmint said...

hahaha...lucky she didn't say u eat the skin papa eat the seed LOL. my girl only like certain type of fruits :(

Yatie said... least she still remember both of you.

Zooropa said...

Mind 2do another tag?...


Lovely Mummy said...

haha, smart girl..

Health Freak Mommy said...

I love peaches but they are really expensive. When it comes to food that they really love, my gals will be too selfish to share them :(

slavemom said...

Joyce, if oni peaches go with rice? hehehe

Sasha, she'd definitely be vy happy with her vy own peach tree.

Dora, no prob.

Joanne, that's wat parents r for. :D

Wen, a lot edi. If too many of the same type, then hv to eat for many days. Not fresh liao.

Siew Ting, yup. :)

Sue, cunning leh.

Jac, the seed still got some flesh one. Of coz the seed cannot eat lah. Btw, hv u stuffed ur fridge with fruits edi?

Juana, innocently greedy! hahaha

Jazz, certain type better than none at all.

Yatie, after I reminded her.

Shirley, vy smart hor.

Shireen, ur girls r still young. XY used to be like that too.

BabyBooned said...

slavemom, where do u usually get your fruits? just wondering, coz i'm always looking for good places to get fruits. hehehehe

usually we get ours frm supermkt coz we seldom go to the market. plus the taman tun market's fruits are so overpriced!

slavemom said...

Babybooned, we usually get ours from the pasar malam.