Friday, February 22, 2008

21 Months Old

Weight - about 12 kg
Height - didn't measure since last month

Still the same (3 x 8 ozs of milk, 2 meals of rice, fruits for teatime, and he's snacking on biscuits more).
He's really determined to feed himself. If we don't allow him, he'd rather not eat. Or he'll make a lot of noise and cry.
He can be very particular on certain things. For example, when eating fruits, he must poke the fruit with the fork himself. If we did it for him, he'd cry and make a big fuss. :-|

Naps once a day. But he takes them quite early sometimes. He'd wake up from a nap at 2+pm and only knock off at about 10pm. Isn't that a rather long stretch?

He's shown a big improvement this month. At least he's willing to follow or repeat the words when we teach him. Here are some of his vocabulary :
hoe = hold
bore = ball
hak = hug
keee = key, hanky
tay = okay
tense = thanks
pooo = pooh
hot = hot
lou = hello
hiyee = hi! (greets people while waving his hands)

He can also call most of the close family members like :
jeh jeh = jie jie
pa pa = PaPa
ta ta = Kakak
deee deee = didi (referring to himself)
ye ye = Ye Ye (my FIL)
po po = Po Po
jig jig = chik chik (my BIL)
hg hg = sen sen (my SIL)
chu chu = chiu chiu (my brothers)

And how about me? He calls me paaaa (dragging the a) or maa. I don't know why he's having difficulty in calling me. He can pronounce 'm' already but when asked, he'd still refer to me as paaaa sometimes. After he called me correctly and I asked him to repeat, he'd go paaaa. Hmm... is he doing it on purpose? Well, never mind, as long as he knows who Mummy is. :D

He's quite fast at responding when asked about his body parts. He's very familiar with eye, ear, nose, mouth, teeth (showing the brushing teeth action), tongue (poke his finger into his mouth), hair, head, face (pinching both cheeks), stomach (pulls up his shirt to show his tummy), hand, fingers and leg. When he's in the mood, he'll try to pronounce these words.

He likes to say pu zhi tao which sounds like 'I don't know' in Mandarin. I doubt he knows the meaning but he'll say it as and when he feels like it, which is quite frequent.

He likes to choose what to wear. He prefers his newer clothes (going-out clothes) than those worn-out home clothes. Sometimes, he'll take the clothes out from the drawer himself. If I'd taken another one which he didn't like, he'd refuse to let me wear it for him.
Likes to bully Kakak (well, more like bullying me). Sometimes he doesn't want Kakak to accompany him or feed him. When he's doing his big business in the toilet, he'd cry his lungs out wanting me to sit in front of him, instead of Kakak. When we're out in a restaurant, suddenly he'd refuse to eat while Kakak's feeding him. But if I feed him, he'd continue to eat again. Now I can't eat in peace anymore. So he's actually bullying me, not Kakak, right?
When he's unhappy, he'd slap his face and head with his two hands. And he's developed a bad temper too. He'd shout "Ei!" when he disapproves of someone or something. Yup... he's just imitating us. :(
He's very interested in what others are eating (in other words, greedy LOL). When he sees us eating something, he'll come near and give us the sweetest smile. And if we ignore him, he'll shout and point at the food, indicating that he wants his share. Too bad he's prone to allergy, so most of the time, he doesn't get to taste whatever we're eating. I know it's very normal for him to be curious (even for food). Hopefully he'd have some food freedom after reaching 2 years old.
He used to like us to cover his eyes with his hanky (folded into triangle shape) when we put him to sleep. But now he likes it under his chin, just like when he's having his milk. He'll give us his hanky and expect us to know what to do. This li'l boss just wouldn't do it himself. Weirdo.


wen said...

so i guess u so pu je tau why seldom calls u maaaa.... hehe

sting said...

wow! he's growing up so fast ya.. very independent (er.. except when maaaa is concern...) :-)

jazzmint said...

wah he likes his rice eh.....mine got mood swings over solids..sigh

Ling That's Me said...

Happy 21st month! Soon he will reach the TT stage :p

Hazel said...

An award for you. Have a nice day.

Tot's Mom said...

I think all toddlers like to control others. It's their purpose in life to torment stressed up mothers! At least, mine is like that...

Anggie's journel said...

Hapi 21 months ..
Hoh... know how to choose "leng leng" cloths .. boy sometime also "ooi leng" Recently Jeremy also behave like that !! but he still too small to choose himself... I will choose for him.. than tell him "mei mei' and go "kai Kai" ... only he will wear it, other wise, will run here and there and ignore to wear ... *-*
Quite inpatient too hor .... same like my boy *-*

Health Freak Mommy said...

He is so handsome... both your kids are very good looking. I bet you must be good looking too :)

suesue said...

At 21 mths he weight 12 kgs not bad ya and my son is only 11 kgs although he eats a lot.

slavemom said...

Wen, pu zhi tao wor. hahaha...

Siew Ting, can't wait for him to be a chatter box like jie jie. :)

Jazz, yeah.. he's a big fan of rice.

Ling, edi showing signs of TT. :(

Hazel, thx!

Audrey, yes, that's their common mission!

Anggie, they jes like to wear 'mei mei' n go 'kai kai', rite?

Shireen, interesting theory... no wonder Aly n Sher r so pretty. ;)

Sue, if he gets sick, will drop to 11+kg sometimes. Well, the weight is jes a guide. As long as Ee-Thern's eating well n healthy, then it's ok.

Peridot&Sapphire said...

Hey, another months to 2 years old! I skipped En En's 21 months update... this mommy is getting lazy... :P
BTW, I'm curious to know he looks more like you or papa??

giddy tigress said...

Looks like he wants to get a headstart on the terrible twos!

slavemom said...

Sharine, errr... I think he has my eyes. And he has PaPa's face shape. Wait till we meet in person, then u tell me correct or not ya.

Joyce, yup... can't wait to torture mommy dearest. :D