Monday, November 15, 2010

School Shoes

This is a sponsored post.

We bought XY’s first pair of white school shoes 2 months before the start of the school year (Standard 1) because she needed it for her kindy graduation ceremony. I chose the PVC type as they are easier to clean, without the need to put shoe whites. I also bought another pair made of canvas as a spare, in case of rainy days. The PVC shoes are double the price of the canvas ones. However the PVC pair only lasted half a year. I don’t really like the canvas shoes as they get dirty very easily. Now I’m waiting for the year end ‘Back to School’ sales to get her another pair of PVC school shoes. How nice if their school shoes are black in colour, then we don’t have to worry so much about white dirty shoes.

I always have problems buying shoes for my kids, especially boys shoes because my son is very impatient and fussy. Even though I bring them along for trying, I don’t really know how to check if the shoes fit them perfectly. Sometimes I can’t even feel their toes so I’m not sure if it’s too tight, too loose or just right. And kids being kids, it’s difficult to get a proper feedback from them. But after watching this video on YouTube that shows how to fit buckle-up school shoes for girls, I now have a rough idea. It shows you how to check around the ankle, sides, front and top part of the shoes. Now I have more confident in buying shoes that fit them perfectly and comfortably.

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