Sunday, February 22, 2009

Google Slavemom's Needs

I got this funny tag from Kristie. Thanks, dear!

The way it works is you type your name in Google and then needs (i.e slavemom needs), and see what comes up!

I'm using slave needs as the results were not really relevant when I typed slavemom.

And the results are :

slave needs to fulfill its destiny
~ Yes, my destiny is to be a slave to my family, which I willingly do. :-)

slave needs direction
~ Yeah, sometimes I'm quite bad with directions. Coz I don't pay attention when hubby's driving.

slave needs three volts
~ I need lots of batteries for the kids' toys.

slave needs a Master
~ But I already have 3!

slave needs formatting
~ If it makes the brain works more efficiently, why not? LOL

Now I'd like to tag Annie Q, Bonnie & MeRy. Have fun girls!


wen said...

an award for u

mamabliss said...

hello I stumble upon your blog and wanted to invite you to join my giveaway here hope to see you there :)

Lemonjude said...

Yeah, same as me I bad in directions...sigh..unless drive myself..then only can recognise.

slavemom said...

Wen, thx! I'm working on it.

Mamabliss, thx for dropping by. Oso thx for the invitation!

Judy, ya lor, bz enjoying the view as a passenger. :D

Kristie said...

welcome dear, hope u had fun!