Saturday, December 27, 2008

Langkawi Trip Dec '08 (Part II)

...continued from here...

Day 2
We drove out for breakfast. But there wasn't much choice nearby so we settled for mamak food at Telaga Harbour Park (where The Loaf is). Nice and cheap.

The only itinerary that I've planned for this trip is the cable car ride. When we were at the ticket counter, we're told we've to wait for 2 hours. We can't see how big the crowd was as they were all queueing on the upper floor. But to wait in line for 2 hours with 2 restless kids? No way! So we decided to come back later (in the evening, when there's usually not so many people).

While in Oriental Village, we visited the deer farm (only 3 deers). I bought a packet of deer food for the kids to feed them. But the deers were really hungry (or greedy?) as one came to 'disturb' me when it saw that I've a packet in my hand. The kids weren't afraid of the deers but didi doesn't know how to feed them as he kept his fist clenched. The poor deer could only lick his fist.

Since we've no other programs for the day, we decided to go hotel hopping (as it's not suitable to go island hopping with young kids). We dropped by The Datai. It's really secluded. The long stretch of road leading to the hotel is surrounded by nothing but trees. It'd be quite eerie to drive there at night. Nothing impressive about the hotel from our short tour. The beach is not in sight, it's so far down from the swimming pool (we didn't explore further in the hot sun).

On our way to town for lunch, we stopped by a waterfall (Air Terjun Temurun), just to look see look see and take pictures. When we're in town, a lot of shops were closed coz it was a Friday (a weekend in Kedah. Their Fridays are equivalent to our Sundays). We managed to find a Chinese restaurant and ordered rice with dishes. The food's okay and their pricing is like KL's.

Next stop, The Westin Langkawi Resort & Spa. Hubby said the view here is much nicer compared to our hotel's. There're 3 swimming pools and the kids pool is so much bigger too.

It was almost 6 pm so we decided to try the cable car ride again. The last ride up is 7 pm. We didn't have to queue at all to go uphill. We stopped at Middle Station to snap some pictures before going all the way up. But at the Top Station, a lot of people were queueing to go downhill. The sun was almost setting but we didn't witness it as we didn't want to go down too late. It's getting dark and the wind's getting stronger. There's foot reflexology and hand-waxing (that's still operating at that time) at 705m above sea level but we didn't try any of it. Busy lining up.

We had dinner at Telaga Harbour Park. It's on our way back to the hotel. We had spanish food in Tapaz. Nice food. But I don't understand why they only accept cash. In a tourist spot, you can't expect tourist to carry so much cash with them, right? And the food's quite pricey too.

We've been out the whole day, so we're all dead tired by the time we're back in the room. A quick shower and zzzzz.

Day 3
In the morning, PaPa spotted many monkeys from our balcony. They were all hanging around the tree by the beach. Apparently they are a common sight at the resort. There are 2 species, black ones and brown ones. Suddenly a brown monkey appeared on our roof. We quickly went back into our room and closed the balcony door. That monkey was very daring. It came down and stood by the balcony door. So the kids and the monkey were separated by the glass door. Then it showed us its fierce look when XY tapped the door. I heard from the staff that the brown ones are more fierce than the black ones. Now we've experienced one up-close and personal.

After a tiring Day 2, we decided to relax in the hotel. We had late breakfast at the same mamak shop. Then back to the hotel for the kids to have some water play at the pool.

The hotel has a Kids Club so we checked the place out. There are many toys and a tv where the kids can watch CDs/DVDs or play PSP. There's an outdoor playground but not many equipments. You can leave your child at the Kids Club if he/she is above 4 years old. The lady on duty was very friendly. She even offered to look after the kids if we want to go back to take a rest.

We went for a snack (sandwich and spaghetti) at Feast restaurant before bringing the kids back to the room for a nap. While I napped with the kids, PaPa went exploring on his own. Went to check out the Fitness Centre, sauna and had coffee in the pool.

After our nap, brought the kids to the other side of the resort where the Fitness Centre is. Not many people at this beach, just us and another family. Didi still doesn't like sand but he likes to play with the sea water. But he doesn't want to stand on his own, so PaPa had to carry him. We cleaned ourselves in the Fitness Centre and headed straight for dinner at Captain's Grill, which is just next to the centre. We sat on the boardwalk. But there wasn't much to see - too dark.

We went for a car ride to Pantai Cenang area after our showers. There are many shops, restaurants and pubs along the road. The place is quite happening. Drove all the way to Awana Porto Malai but didn't get down to walk around. That's our last night there.

Day 4
We had buffet breakfast in Feast. Food was ok, but not as much variety as their dinner spread. Initially we wanted to let the kids have some water fun before going back to pack our things. But we spent too much time at the restaurant (waiting for them to cook the food).

I asked PaPa to bring the kids to the Kids Club so that I can pack in peace. Gosh, there were so many things to pack, especially dirty clothes. Didn't buy any souvenirs. Just some chocolates. After we checked out, we saw some black monkeys outside the lobby, on the trees. One was carrying a baby and I overheard the staff saying that she's never seen one carrying a baby at such close range. So we quickly snapped the mother eating leaves while the baby hugged her. We joked that our camera was full of monkey photos, hairy and non-hairy ones. hahaha

~ hairy monkeys ~

The Air Asia flight back to KL was delayed. Same case with our flight to Langkawi. It seemed as though every time we took an AA flight, it's delayed. So frustrating. Really not worth taking their flight unless you manage to get free tickets or super low fares.

That's the end of our Langkawi trip. Overall, it was quite relaxing. The kids sure enjoyed themselves and the parents weren't too tired. We spent more time in the hotel so we didn't have to run around (visit places) with kids that can get tired and cranky easily without enough rest.


andrewjune said...

wow, the spanish food does looks nice & yummy!
actually you missed out the most interesting part of the trip - eagle feeding boat trip!

anyway, you guys had fun and that all matters!

Mummy Gwen said... really had a very relaxing trip. rich woman..haha..stay at nice hotels and eat expensive food. :P The monkey shot is very nice.

LittleLamb said...

wow..nice family trip...Its the kids whom enjoyed most right..

Didnt buy anything at duty free? DOM should be cheaper there..hehehehe

and yes, I love Spanish food also. U been to the one in Taipan USJ?

Anyway wishing you Happy Holidays and New Year 2009 to you and family.

Happy 31 Months to CE too :)

BabyBooned said...

sounds great! we also prefer to not spend time running around too much on holidays for fear gib'll get too tired and get sick (lesson learned from our trip to johor in 2007!!). thats the best part abt a holiday, i think. the fact that it's focused on family-time and relaxing too!

BabyBooned said...

and by the way, next time dont take AA flight lah! i swear if we dont get free tickets from my dad i dont think we'd fly with them too. hehehehe

Mummy Moon said...

Nice trip nice trip... I like the hairy monkey photo...

wen said...

did u visit dr M's bakery shop there? hehe

at least kids get to go somewhere hor..

Peridot&Sapphire said...

Wah! I wish I can have a trip with the kids... maybe I gotto wait for a few years horr... Even it's to Langkawi, your family trip sounds interesting to me.

Mummy In Vain said...

langkawi is mainly for beach vacation and water play for kids only? if my kids were to enjoy swimming, how nice!

slavemom said...

June, with young kids in tow, we've crossed out any activities that involve boat rides or the sea. :)

Mummy Gwen, dun say like that lah. We got a vy good hotel rate coz we've the sup m/ship card from BIL.

Rachel, I've still got a few btls of DOM at home n nobody's taking them. Oh, hubs bot a btl of Chivas at the airport.
The oni Spanish food I've tried prior to this was in Bangsar. Can't rmrb the name liao.

BabyBooned, yeah hubby's a bit phobia abt running ard on hols so LGK was a good choice.
Our new rule on flights: No free tix, no fly AA. :p But sometimes the price diff is jes too big, esp when it's a last min purchase.

Bee Moon, much cuter than the non-hairy ones yeah. hahaha

Wen, din go in to look wor. Jes passed by outside.

Sharine, with young kids, it's better to go for a relaxing hol than those with lots of sight-seeing. So it won't be so tiring for the parents. :)

Jacelyn, wait till the kids r fully recovered, then they'll love water play.

mc said...

sounds like a nice family holiday:) and looks like you managed to fit in alot of activities with 2 kids!

Hazel said...

Wow, it's fun..u do have a great holidays during ur holidays

Health Freak Mommy said...

Looks like a very fun family trip. I bet when you reached home, you needed a few days to rest and unpack, right?

Cheffie-Mom said...

Oh wow, what a wonderful vacation! The pictures are amazing! Happy New Year to you and your family!

Jesslyn said...

Happy Holiday ya!

Wishing you Happy New Year too!

jacss said...

hv to wait for 2 hrs for cable car ride was crazy...20mins also i show black face edi!!
hehe...1st time hear hotel hopping became an itenerary in langkawi!!
out of many, yr spanish food indeed turned out good heh...
now after this upclose encounter wif d fierce monkey, i'm sure d next u stay in this village type hotel,u will not dare to open yr balcony door.....scary!!
ehh....cute matching swimming suit.
didn't visit aquarium kah??
AA memang sucks...i didn't even wana give a mention in my blog... if delay more than 2hours, dun forget to claim the RM200 compensation...dun give them a damn!!
anyway, great that u & yr family had a good holiday!!
happy new year woman!!

Bryan and Brandon's Mama said...

great that it was a relaxing trip. i don't like going on trips with the kids cos I get really tired AND cranky! LOL. Baddddd mummy!!!

NomadicMom said...

Looks like a nice family holiday...

The deer farm with 3 deers...errr..can they actually call it a "farm" then??

Anyway, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!

Uncle Lee said...

Hi Slavemom, wishing you and family a very Happy New Year with lots of good health and laughter, best regards, Lee.

Yatie SawaNiLa said...

When I was there last month... the cable car was closed... too bad... but ir's okay....there will another chance to go...

yep AA flight schedule not relible... and time to off from flight semua like kena halau.. kena sepat... i don't like it

we also no islang hopping.. not suitable for kids as my kids are very active

Fussy mum said...

Wow, that's a fun family trip.

Here's wishing u and your family a very Happy New Year!!

Anggie's Journal said...

ya... u make me recall back my trip to langkawi too ... next time i will bring along my boy !!

The place u stay r very nice !!

i like the view from the suspension bridge !! superb view... but i only walk alone lastime, cos my hubby got height problem la .... hihihi :P

U all have a great time , i can see that ... even abit tired ya !!!

last, happy new year !!

SueSue said...

Wah the cable car ride was scary to me. Hahaha

Happy New Year to you and your family.

Oliveoylz said...

Wow! Nice pics of Langkawi and lovely tantalising food spread too! Time for me to go back to Langkawi...didn't know they had a suspension bridge and cable car now...he he he. Glad u had a great hol!

khongfamily said...

Nice and relaxing trip. Can tell from the pictures that the kids have so much fun. You guys also into hotel hopping...LOL! Seems like you guys love to eat at Telaga Harbour eh. The hotel you were staying is very nice too.

slavemom said...

mc, those activities r still manageable. At least the parents din get tortured too much. hahaha

Hazel, we'll definitely try to go for a relaxing kind of hol again next time.

Shireen, rest, yes. But unpacking was quite fast actually.

Debbie, Jess & Ivy, Happy New Year to u too!

Jac, ppl say aquarium nothing fantastic wor. Since the kids hv been to the Underwater World in Sgp, we skipped this.

Paik Ling, ya ya... this kind of relaxing trip is more suitable for us - the parents who get tired n cranky easily. hahaha

NomadicMom, maybe it shld jes be called a deer enclosure. :D

Unc Lee, same to u too!

Yatie, n hv to walk sooo far from the boarding gate to the plane. sigh...

Anggie, I'm sure Jeremy wud enjoy it there.

Sue, scary oso must at least try once, since we're there. :)

Olive, it's a good plc to relax.

Yvonne, we go to Telaga Harbour for convenience sake coz it's jes 5-10 mins drive from our hotel.

Kristie said...

looks like so much fun!!!!