Monday, December 22, 2008

31 Months Old

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~ dip, dip and eat ~

Food Lover
He loves rice and noodles. When we eat out, he prefers to eat plain white rice than the food that we've prepared from home. And he looked as if he's really enjoying his food. It's quite easy to fulfil his hunger when we eat out or on holiday. He eats most stuff and food that definitely won't go wrong are rice and noodles/spaghetti.

Little Parrot
After watching so many episodes (including repeats) of WordWorld on PHDC, he can now spell some musical instruments. G-U-I-T-A-R... guitar! T-U-B-A... tuba! H-O-R-N... horn! But don't know why he can't really get drum right. He goes D-U-B-A... drum! hahaha

His vocabulary has improved a whole lot although he's still speaking in short sentences like "PaPa and jie jie sleeping", "Didi eat biscuit", "You see, no more phone" (after hiding my phone under his hanky), and a lot more. I can't keep track of what he says anymore.

His singing has improved too. Now he doesn't just sing the last word of the sentences but most of the words. He makes song requests too. His current favourites are Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, Wheels On The Bus (while making circle movements with his finger) and Happy Birthday.

Safety Patrol
He likes to wear safety belt when we're in the car. If there's no car seat, he prefers to sit on his own (instead of sitting on our lap) and strap himself in. He even asked me to put on mine when I leaned forward, helping PaPa with the directions when we were in Langkawi. "Mommy, wear belt. PaPa driving." :-|

PaPa's Boy
He's getting more attached to PaPa. When we are out, he wants PaPa to carry him, sometimes rejecting me. But when it comes to bedtime, he only wants me. So PaPa's very happy for being wanted and Mommy's very happy for having a little more time without the clinging koala bear.

Handphone Keeper
I've got my very own personal handphone keeper. Whenever he sees my phone lying around on the table or sofa, he'll bring it to me. Or when he sees the lights blinking (incoming call as it's usually set to silent mode) or hears the beep (incoming sms), he'll inform me about it.

The first thing he does when he comes down in the morning is to switch on the tv by himself.
He's not so resistant to brushing his teeth anymore. He lets me brush his upper teeth now. He used to tell me it's painful.
He's very "helpful", to the extent of wanting to help us remove our shirt or pants. Sometimes he'll take out clothes from the wardrobe when we want to change.
It's still impossible to get him to take medicine willingly.


Mummy Gwen said...

Happy 31 Months Old CE! He is such a good boy. Keep it up, CE. :D

Bryan and Brandon's Mama said...

Wow CE is so advanced with everything. Can spell!!! What super-mind food you feed him ah, Ginie? :)

Anggie's Journal said...

Happy 31 Months Old CE!
Such a good boy... wear safety belt when in the car ?? my boy sometime wear, sometime no, but mostly no ... and he also dun like to seat on car seat anymore... like to seat with me .... i wander how will be going on for January new traffic laws ...ya *-*

huisia said...

Happy 31 months!
it's always easy to bring a "food lover" dining outside!

Fussy mum said...

Happy 31 months old CE!It's good that CE is not a picky eater. How I wished my girl likes to wear safety belt too....still can't get her to buckle up :(

Mummy Moon said...

Happy 31 months old!! Lately my baby boy too become PApA's boy, sometimes even don't want me to carry when hubby want to pass him to me... :(

Yatie SawaNiLa said...

hwy my kids like safety patrol es well... esp in the car.. must wear seatbelt...

andrewjune said...

wow! CE is really one big boy liao!
HAPPY 31 months old to CE!

love about the hp nice of him to be the keeper for mine, whenever she sees me/hubby using the hp, she demands over it!

btw, here's wishing you & your family a MERRY CHRISTMAS!

bp said...

Like your "dip and get ready to eat" images of CE! Clever boy, doing so many things and spelling even! I think I'll appreciate having a HP keeper... coz I sometimes have to dial the no. just to find my HP!!! Lao liao! Haha!

Kristie said...

happy 31 mths old! he's such a sweet and helpful boy :)

Peridot&Sapphire said...

Same here, En En also has war with us when feeding medicine. En En is lazy to chew her food, therefore the idea of bringing her out for holiday is still a problem...*Sigh*