Friday, August 22, 2008

Sleeping Pattern @ 27 Months Old

CE is 27 months old today. Instead of the usual behavioural and developmental updates, I'll just talk about his current sleeping pattern.

He's an early bird, unlike jie jie who used to wake up after 10am when she was much younger. By 8, he would've woken up and disturb me already. The first thing he says to me is "nen nen" (milk) or sometimes "don" (meaning he wants to go downstairs). If I ignore him, he'll cry and cry. That's really irritating early in the morning.

It's quite easy to make him nap in the afternoon. If I'm watching tv, I'll carry him and rock him a bit. After he's settled down, I can sit down while carrying him (and pat him if necessary). And if we're in bed, he'll just lie on my chest or we'll lie close to each other. He normally falls asleep within 10 minutes. His naps usually last for 2 to 2.5 hours.

But night time is much more difficult. Maybe because he wakes up from his nap too late, can be as late as 6pm. Usually by 10, we'll switch off the lights and get ready to sleep. He doesn't run around or play in the dark, just roll all over me or lie on me. So I'll just have to lie with him in the dark for 1 to 1.5 hours. Most times, I'd also fall asleep with him.

And I've to share his pillow (he uses adult pillow). He insists that I put my head on his pillow. If I don't, he'll make a lot of noise and won't sleep. :-| Okay, fine. I have to put my head on his pillow. Next demand, I must either face him (he's usually on my right) or look straight. If I turn my face the other side (not facing him), he'll position my face properly by moving my chin.

Another thing he hasn't outgrown yet is his scratching habit. He still wants me to scratch his neck/shoulder during bedtime. But at least now I don't have to scratch till he falls into deep sleep. After a few scratches, I'd tell him it's not itchy anymore and surprisingly, he accepts that. On some nights, there'll be a few rounds of that scratch-stop-scratch-stop cycle. Grrrr... sometimes I get so mad that he's not "concentrating" on sleeping but demanding this and that.

When it comes to bedtime, I'm all his. Nobody else can hug me to sleep, not even jie jie. She's not even allowed to sleep next to me. A brief hug to say goodnight is okay. Gosh, he's so possessive! So PaPa likes to use this 'hugging' trick on him. When he gets down from the bed or doesn't lie down on bed, PaPa will say "Oooh, I go hug Mommy now". He'll quickly come and hug me (sometimes crying and whining) as if I'll be kidnapped away. LOL


Alicia said...

i will b happy if jesse wakes up at 8am.. usually she wakes up either 6+ or 7+

Bryan's Mama said...

compared to Bryan's sleeping habits, CE is an angel!!

sue said...

The younger of the 2 is always more clingy, lucky for me Ivan mostly lets Izac have his way when it comes to sleeping arrangement :D

Mummy to QiQi said...

how nice if my 2 boys also like that next time :)

wen said...

kesian papa. no chance at all!! haha!

U.Lee said...

Hi Slavemom, your kid sure adores you, ha ha.
Couldn't help smiling read about his liking of being scratched.
I have been scratching my wife's back...purely from habit all these years, ha ha. Very hard to cure the habit!
Have fun with your kid, Lee.

andrewjune said...

wah your son is really possessive over you-lah...hahaha...but it's nice to feel that way isn't it :-)

wow he definitely sleeps earlier than mine...mine sleeps after 1 am!

bp said...

Hehe, your husband's trick works!

Oliveoylz said...

You're lucky, CE wakes up after 8am...and XY used to wake up after 10am? wow!!! That's super!

Yatie said...

hahah remind me my kids.. ashraff want me to sleep with him and hug him as weel as afriena.
so what i do is, sleep beside ashraff and afriena sleep on my tummy.
lucky 2 anak

slavemom said...

Alicia, I shldn't be complaining hor. :)

Paik Ling, hehehe

Sue, Ivan kor kor vy good boy.

Chin Nee, follow the nap time, ok. Don't follow bedtime at nite ya.

Wen, PaPa got demoted long time ago. hahaha

Unc Lee, so if she's not with u, u can't sleep loh. :D

June, yeah... it feels really good sometimes when he oni wants mommy. But when it gets out of hand, can be quite irritating!

bp, not all the time tho.

Juana, he wakes up b4 8. How I missed those waking-up-after-10 days.

Yatie, hahaha if got more than 2 kids, gotta lie on ur face n legs too. :D

jacss said...

hey...such a amusing pattern of him....dun know to laugh or angry heh?? bet if he reads this when he's a grown up, he'll also hide his face away....cute cute cute!!
but gotta take 1-1.5 hour to make him sleep ahh...i would hv given up man !!!

little prince's mummy said...

My son wake up at around 7am... lagi earlier... I oso hv to wake up early!~

slavemom said...

Jac, I wanna give up oso tak boleh. He dowan the father, so I'll just hv to stick ard till he's asleep loh.

Kylie, how come they don't enjoy sleeping, like us adults? :D