Tuesday, August 26, 2008

2x2 Meme

A simple tag from Ling. I've done something very similar to this before but don't mind doing it again since it's so simple. Hmmm... this is the third tag for the day. It's like I'm having tag diarrhea. hahaha

Two names you go by
1. Slavemom
2. Ginie

Two things you are wearing right now
1. Clothes
2. Spectacles

Two things you want very badly at the moment
1. Healthy kids
2. Vacation

Two things you did last night just before bed
1. Brush teeth
2. Kiss the kids goodnight

Two things you ate today
1. Bread
2. Porridge

Two people you just spoke with
1. XY
2. Hubby

Two things you are doing tomorrow
1. Take care of children
2. Blog hopping

Two longest car rides
1. From KL to Penang
2. From KL to Johor

Two favourite beverages
1. Milo
2. Horlicks

2+1 persons who are chosen to do this meme :
1. Sting
2. Bryan's Mama
3. June


Cheffie-Mom said...

Well, I hope your kiddos are feeling better and I hope you get to go on a vacation soon! (:

huisia said...

i did this before too :)

U.Lee said...

Hi Slavemom, love your sense of humour...
and your name is 'Ginie'? Very nice name...
My longest drives was from Alor Star to Singapore, as well JB to Alor Star then to East Coast....in 24 hours too.
Used to drive to East Coast Kelantan, Trengganu almost every 2 weeks, or up North, or down South...did that 20 years too.
My car mechanics love me at the rate I used up my tires, batteries and brakes....had to go Camerons often too...all on business.

You know, its funny but my wife and I not a lover of Horlicks or Milo or Ovaltine...since young.
She and me more coffee, Maxwell House Rich Blend or Nescafe or Cocoa (cold with ice).
You have a great week, keep well, Lee.

andrewjune said...

oopsss..i have been lacking in the tags dept lately...so many tags to be done...so sorry will do it once not so tied up with my girl (i'm bb sitting her full time till 1st sept)

Bryan's Mama said...

ok i kau tim already :)