Monday, August 18, 2008

Old Became New

Another weekend's gone and I still haven't tasted my Korean food.
Because the kids are sick (yes, again!) since mid last week - with the usual, runny nose and cough. :( So not a good idea to bring them out.

Needless to say, we didn't go out during the weekend. I'm starting to get very edgy as I've been cooped up in the house for a few weeks already. Well, fetching XY back from kindy or buying lunch on the way doesn't count as "going out" okay. Hubby wanted to bring me out but I didn't know where to go although I'd really like to get out of the house. Shopping malls would be crowded. Sick kids better stay away from crowded places. In the end, I decided to stay in as the kids were coughing badly. Worried they'll get worse if they go out in the hot weather.

The 1-week school holiday has started. But there's no plan for any short getaway.
Because PaPa's extremely busy at work.

How am I going to keep the 2 kids occupied for one whole week? So that they don't drive me crazy? Last week, I took out the push car and a box of old toys from the store room. Oh, I didn't clear the store room (which is on our to-do list for the longest time), I just moved the boxes and things around and took out what I wanted. :p

They've been playing with their 'new' toys ever since. And as usual, snatching the toys is part of the fun. When no one's playing with the toy, it's lying there untouched. Once one of them starts playing with it, the other will come and snatch it. These are the wonderful beings we call kids. hahaha

It's a good idea to put some toys away so they see a lesser amount of toys. After a few months, exchange the current batch with the ones that were put away and the kids thought they've got new toys. Good trick, eh?

Both of them can't get enough of the push car. I got this from the Anakku points redemption a few years ago. Although it's been kept in the store room for more than 2 years, I'm surprised the lights and music still work. Didi likes to leave the lights on. If I switch them off when he's not playing with it, he'll quickly go and switch them on again. Funny boy.

~ posing with their 'new' toy ~

XY also likes to play with it. Although she's way too big for the little car, she sits on it and pushes it around with her long legs. Funny girl. (hahaha I have a pair of funny kids!) She likes to pretend she's delivering newspaper. Zoomed in front of me and shouted, "Newspapers! Newspapers!" while handing me the Winnie & friends mat (free gift from MamyPoko). Then zoomed over to where didi was playing, and did the same thing. And you know where she kept the newspapers? She sat on them! :D

~ the newspaper delivery girl, sitting on the ‘newspapers’ ~

I hope they'll recover fully quickly so that I can bring them for water play at the swimming pool or BIL's house during the week. They've just bought a bouncing splashing outdoor toy. Making them stay at home everyday is a big torture to them... and to ME too!


wen said...

still can play ah?

andrewjune said...

emmm, i am thinking of getting one for my baby too hahaha...(the push car i mean!)
hope both of them get well soon and you're out again from the home...i know how boring it can be to stay at home for a week without going out!

Cheffie-Mom said...

I hope they feel better soon. I guess they are feeling good enough to deliver newspapers! LOL!

Yatie said...

slavemum at least they enjoy at home.
hey my boy also like to ride bike in my house and carry all pillows....

Sasha said...

i hope the car can stand her weight!

Bryan's Mama said...

I hate being coped up as well. Bryan is also down with cough - must be the poor weather. Get well soon kiddos :)

Oliveoylz said...

Still haven't satisfied ur craving? aiyo...tot u'd had visited the korean eatery at least twice by now...hope the kids get well soon so that u can all get out and breathe some fresh "kai-kai" air. At the rate they're going looks like they will be pretty much occupied and happy with their "new" toys :)

sue said...

I feel bad also if it's school holidays and the kids still stay cooped up at home...

sting said...

hope they are much better now.. and yes, it's no fun at all to be cooped up for so long..

Alicia said...

yes dats wat i did too... keep some toys n exchange it after sometime

Hazel said...

the toys quite tahan hah, i think it's good in quality one

jacss said...

can surely udrstd how 'torturous' it is having to confine not just d kids at home but yrself too!!
i think it shd be ok if u go for short stroll during the weekdays, not weekend perhaps smaller mall??
so instead of packing home lunch, take it as an excuse to go out by having lunch in d mall instead!
coz u really need to release d tense, 'nanti' mentally disturb, how???
eh, yr girl really looks tall heh...must be dady's gene...hehe???

little prince's mummy said...

She found places to keep her 'newspaper'...
And, the little car's height after putting on the 'newspaper' just nice enough for her..
Such a clever girl :)

Jaanvi said...

hmm nice toys....ur kids are looking so cute together... I can understand how boring it is as i am also a stay at home mom..

slavemom said...

Wen, luckily they were still active as usual.

June, I'm sure Rachael wud love to hv a push car.

Debbie, yup, still as active as ever!

Yatie, if they've nothing to do at home, will oni watch tv whole day. Or come kacau me, lagi teruk. :p

Sasha, the car still hasn't collapsed yet. hehehe

Paik Ling, I know u hate that, during confinement oso curi curi go shopping. :D

Juana, edi 'cured' last Sat. aaahhh...

Sue, pity the kids oso lah hor.

Siew Ting, thx for the well wishes.

Alicia, a good way to trick the kids ya. ;)

Hazel, ya lor, was vy surprised the batteries still working.

Jac, Kj got nowhere interesting to go kai kai one lah. Yeah... I do bring the kids out for lunch sometimes but becoz they were sick, nothing suitable to eat.

Kylie, u've vy sharp eyes. :)

Jaanvi, n I'm vy lazy to go out w/o hubby so usually wait till w/end to go out.