Sunday, November 20, 2011

Singapore Trip Oct '11 (Part II)

Day 2 ~ 25th Oct

Had breakfast at the hotel as our package came with buffet breakfast for 2 adults. So we had to pay for the kids' buffet. Food was alright. Not too much variety but good enough for eating 2 days straight. I read a lot of reviews about very long queues, waiting for a table in the mornings. But we didn't face such problems, probably because it was off peak season.

We reached USS entrance at about 10am, its opening time. Saw that the 'candy tree' area was empty. Quickly brought the kids there for some photo shots. The day was so hot although the weather forecast said thunderstorm. But better be hot than raining, right? I brought along the kids' caps and a folded umbrella. But silly me, forgot to check the umbrella as it's been sitting in the cupboard, unopened, for years. It was a bit faulty, with a broken rib and I had difficulty closing it. So we didn't use it. Woah... we were being baked under the hot sun. Came back a few shades darker. :-( Although we went on a weekday, it's still very crowded. A lot of Indian tourists. But luckily the queues are still manageable. Nothing exceeding 30 minutes, mostly 5-10 minutes. If you're going during peak season, I'd suggest you buy the express pass to avoid spending all your time queuing.

~ under the 'candy tree' ~

~ Universal Studios Singapore ~

There are 7 zones in USS. As compared to Hong Kong Disneyland, the place is not very big and the rides are of a smaller version. We covered all those rides that we CAN ride, except the extreme roller coaster rides at Sci-Fi City. I can still accompany XY for the milder ones like Enchanted Airways and Canopy Flyer. While riding the Revenge of the Mummy, I almost freaked out. Just can't wait for the ride to be over. But XY really enjoyed it. What a daredevil she is. She wanted to go for second round but no one can accompany her. Coz I give up! Getting old lah. And don't count on PaPa, he's worse than me. hahaha We skipped Donkey Live show and missed Monster Rock due to the timing. Transformers The Ride will be opening in December 2011.

Some of the interesting shows are WaterWorld (the explosive and thrilling death-defying stunts water show), Shrek 4-D Adventure (with water spray and sensory effects) and Lights, Camera, Action! (special effects stage show).

We had dinner at Din Tai Fung. Had siew lung bao, noodle soup and fried rice. We enjoyed this much more than our meal at HRC. So cinapek hor. hahaha

Day 3 ~ 26th Oct

After our buffet breakfast, we went to check out Hard Rock Hotel's pool. As a hotel guest in the Resort, you're allowed to use any of the hotel's pool. I thought the kids would be thrilled with the man-made beach but they weren't interested to play with sand that morning. They went for the slide first but got bored with it quite fast. CE kept getting stuck in the middle of the slide, probably coz it wasn't steep enough. But I don't know why XY didn't have such problems. I don't really like the feel of sand in the pool so we moved to the shallow pool (without sand). Tried the jacuzzi, the pressure was so strong I had a hard time sitting still. :D

We didn't spend much time there. Headed back to the room to shower and pack and got ready to check out. We managed to get a late check-out at 1pm. Left our luggage at the reception and went for a light lunch at Toast Box as we're still quite full from breakfast.

Next on the itinerary is Underwater World. Although we've been there in '07, XY wanted to go again. And I thought CE would be able to appreciate it more now that he's older. The kids really enjoyed looking at the sea creatures and they are actually familiar with some special types of crabs/fish as they've seen them in Octonauts. hehehe Since it's our second time there, I don't find it interesting, except for the seals and dolphins show. They are really adorable, well-trained and entertaining.

~ Underwater World Singapore ~

~ interesting performance by the seals and dolphins ~

There was still time to kill so had a tea break at a restaurant there. Then we went back to The Forum and had a drink at Coffee Bean, to wait for dinner time. Ate at Din Tai Fung again. This time we ordered noodle soup for the kids and snacks for ourselves.

We were really frustrated when we found out our flight was delayed for 2 hours. The only good thing that came out of this is that I finally found the Faber-Castell finger printing art pads. Have been searching for a very long time already. Couldn't find this in their outlets in KL/Selangor. Due to the delay, I had time to check out the book store. Sooooo happy when I saw the art pads. There are 4 or 5 sets of different colours but I only bought one -- quite expensive leh after conversion. :p Also bought Crayola washable markers since I didn't get any souvenirs for the kids from USS. The welcome pack (consisted of a hand puppet, toothbrush, rubik's cube and plastic inflatable noise-maker) they got when we checked in at Festive Hotel doesn't count, right? :D Oh oh, got one souvenir from USS -- the popcorn bowl. Their cheapskate Mommy kept the bowl after they finished the popcorn. hahaha


Wyson said...

so jealous, u managed to cover so many areas ler.. my trip early of the year hor, just stuck in the USS... coz bringing Iyson along, so tiring.. the welcome pack from the hotel diff already, last time mine got bath sponge, bouncing ball, toothbrush..urs one better...hehe

reanaclaire said...

Doesnt look packed.. good to walk around with no crowds.. I think December will be packed like sardines.. thought of going there during christmas time..

slavemom said...

Wyson, we basically 'nua' in Sentosa during the whole trip. Din go to the other parts of Sgp.

Claire, yeah, I'm sure X'mas time wud be super packed. Do consider the express pass.

Agnes said...

Planning a trip to singapore next year if managed to get cheap fare. How much is the entrance fees to USS??

slavemom said...

Agnes, do chk their website often to c if there r any promos. It seemed that the tix price has increased a lil. When I booked my tix, off peak season, A = SGD66, C = SGD48. U can chk here for the current tix price : I only had to purchase the kids' tix coz my hotel pkg came with 2 adults tix.

Alice Law said...

Your anak sure have fun! Happy for thm too!

My oh My, we were actually planning to visit Singapore this holiday... sigh, guess can forget it since it's peak season.:(

Hey, happy holiday to your family!

andrewjune said...

I got that shrek bowl for R too! But we had to buy it!

Wow you went for many thrill rides...we just went for enchanted airways...and no more 2nd time cos we freaked out but R still insists to go another round!

wenn said...

wow, awesome candy tree..

Oliveoylz said...

You are all so gungho about taking all those scary rides....Salute!!! REVENGE of the mummy...hmm...even the name sounds scary man...thanks for forewarning on the severity of the ride...In your opinion better or worse than Space Mountain? Btw, the popcorn bowl looks cute leh!

chinnee ( said...

ever since we have the kids, we have been dining out at places with rice only. very china pek also hor my boys.

Mummy Gwen said...

Wow..XY is very brave to go on the ride. Looks like you all had a fun trip to SG. I wish to go USS one day.

We are very cinapek too...hehe. Always looking out for Chinese food in Jkt. Faber Castell in Jkt is much cheaper than KL. I think I saw the fingerprinting art pads at the hypermarket. I'm going to hunt for it. :)

prince n princess mum said...

Looking at ur photos make me wanna go to sg again...

Contentedmom said...

wow! the kids really had great fun at Universal Studio heh....honestly, I havent been but Nic has been 2 or 3 times already.

Merryn said...

yeah, though the Universal Studio here is smaller compared to the one we've been in Japan, I'm okay with it coz with Ethan around it's hard to jalan too much so this is just nice. It would be awesome if it could be as cold as Japan too! :P

Dora said...

Hey, we were there too abt 2 weeks ago. XJ was excited in USS esp when meeting his hero Kungfu Panda & I'm just happy to see that. Too bad XJ didn't get the welcome pack when we checked-in Hard Rock Hotel :-(

Health Freak Mommy said...

We wanted to bring the kids to Universal Studio too this holiday but the rooms are fully booked. Those hotels that are available are so darn costly. Eh, did you shade your pretty face white in the pix? ;P

Wen said...

i have been wanting to go there it worth going?
btw, i can still see ur face la.. no need blur blur la..hehe

slavemom said...

Alice, u hv more flexibility as Juan Juan is still in kindy. If the kids r already in primary sch, can oni go during sch hols.

June, R is oso a daredevil huh. ;)

Wenn, interesting hor.

Olive, I can't rmbr wic one is more "severe". Abt the same kua. :) This one has got jerking ard, speeding backwards, etc. Anyway, I kept my eyes closed most of the time. :S

Chin Nee, eat western food once in awhile is ok, if eat too often oso jelak.

Mummy Gwen, the art pads cost SGD8.90.

P&P mum, Sgp not too far away. Can plan another trip soon.

Contentedmom, lucky Nic, hv gone there so many times.

Merryn, hahaha true oso. If too big, we'll be dead tired by the time we finish the whole plc.

Dora, we saw Shrek walked past w/o stopping for any photo session. Din c Kungfu Panda wor.

HFM, still sticking to my blog policy of 'hiding' myself. hehehe

Wen, can stil c meh? U hv super sonic eyes. :D Errr... worth or not ah? For a short hol n somewhere not too far, ok loh. And VERY suitable for kids. hehe

BabyBooned said...

Hahahaaa dont wory i wouldve kept the popcorn bowl too lah!!

Denesa said...

Hope you have enjoyed yourself in USS and Singapore. There are many other new places of interest. Do drop by again:)