Friday, November 11, 2011

Singapore Trip Oct '11 (Part I)

Day 1 ~ 24th Oct

We reached Festive Hotel in Resorts World Sentosa at about 12 noon. I've requested for an early check-in but it's subject to availability. As our room was not ready yet, we were asked to come back at 2+. So we registered ourselves and left our baggage with reception. Went for lunch at The Forum. It's less than 10 minutes walk from the hotel. We had hainanese chicken rice, hokkien mee and fish and chips at Lunar Cafe (serves local and western food). Food was ok, up to standard.

After we've filled our stomach, we took the Sentosa bus to Imbiah Lookout. Bus service within Sentosa is free. The bus stop is located at the carpark, about 15 minutes walk from the hotel. It's quite stuffy at the carpark. The buses are rather frequent, wait time less than 10 minutes.

We tried the Skyline Luge. I rode with CE coz he's too young to ride on his own. XY was on her own. PaPa was following her closely. She crashed at the curb once coz she let go of one hand to wipe her sweaty palm. hehehe No worries, she wasn't hurt. Pulled the cart back on track and she continued her ride. It was really fun. But it'd be more fun if we could go faster. PaPa had to slow down to accompany XY and I had a "passenger" with me. :D After the Luge, we took the Skyride back to the platform. XY, CE and I went 2 rounds as we bought the Family Deal (4 rides). Had to top up 1 person's fare to accompany XY.

Back to the hotel to check-in at 3+. As expected, the first thing the kids did was to check out the bunk bed. Like what the reviews said, the room is smaller than the pictures shown in their website. Although there's a sofa bed that can open up to be a queen size bed, we didn't use that. On the first night, XY slept on the bunk bed. It's actually big enough for both of them but I didn't allow CE to sleep there as I was afraid he'd have problems (blur blur/half-awake) climbing down in the middle of the night to pee. The second night, PaPa had to sleep there (yeah, it's long enough for him) coz XY doesn't want to be "alone" anymore. hahaha The hotel is very generous with bottled drinking water. There're 3 bottles of 500ml drinking water in the room. Every time you make a request to housekeeping, they'd send up 3 bottles. I actually requested for a pool view room. But during check-in, being near to the lift was priority to us coz I dread walking a long way to our room after a tiring day. So we got a room VERY near to the lift but the view was terrible, overlooking a construction site. :-(

~ Deluxe Family King room @ Festive Hotel ~

We didn't waste time and went to the pool for water play. Didn't spend very long there as we need to rush to go out again to watch Songs of the Sea. We missed that during our last trip to Singapore in '07 so this is on my must-do list. But unfortunately, in my personal opinion, it wasn't that spectacular.

We went back to the resort for dinner at Hard Rock Cafe. Ordered mushroom burger and I ate less than half. I didn't have any appetite, probably coz I was too tired. PaPa had BBQ ribs -- nice, not as jelak as my burger. The kids shared cheesy mac.

~ dinner at Hard Rock Cafe ~

The kids fell asleep quite fast when we're back in the room. It was a long day for them and they know they need to recharge for another long day the following day.


reanaclaire said...

I am planning to go Singapore too.. but dont know where to stay yet.. will find out more about this Festive Hotel.. more convenient to go Universal or is it Sentosa?

ChloeRuoyi said...

You guys had so much fun! I haven't been to Sentosa although I've been to Singapore so many times. Ok, gotta make a trip there soon :)

MeRy said... place for shopping, food and entertainment.
I am going there next year...

jacss said... this go-cart is a must thing to go huh :D i think i'll enjoy it too but hope my butt can fit in the seat, lol :P
i was quite excited for the song of the sea but .... emmm not as grand huh!!

chinnee said...

trips are fun but can be very tiring one hor.....

BabyBooned said...

Ooh i like the bunk bed! Is it good?? Enuf space to satisfy the kids or not?

Mummy Moon said...

What a fun trip. Still considering should we bring the kids to Singapore this year end

prince n princess mum said...

Fun trip with yummy food! So nice!

slavemom said...

Claire, the hotels in RWS r vy exp n not really worth the money. U're actually paying for the convenience (IMO ya). Festive n Hard Rock r vy near to USS, abt 10 mins walk.
If u stay out of Sentosa, they hv vy efficient public transport to get to Sentosa/USS. If u're not travelling with young children, u can consider staying out of Sentosa.

ChloeRuoyi, go go go! :)

MeRy, a hol in the plan, how nice.

Jac, yes, the Luge is a must. And of coz u can fit lah. These r not kiddie rides okay. hehehe As for Song of the Sea, it's jes my personal opinion. U shld go for it n let us know ur view.

Chin Nee, it's def much better compared to when the kids were smaller. At least they can walk everywhere on their own.

BabyBooned, the bunk bed is abt single-sized. Can oni fit 1 kid comfortably. But 2 skinny kids can oso share, I suppose. I'm jes worried abt the steep stairs if they need to get down in the mid of the nite.

Mummy Moon, for a short n not-too-far hol, Sgp is a good destination. The kids wud love USS!

prince n princess mum, too bad we din get to eat their local delights.

andrewjune said...

Bunk bed? Wow this is the first time I seen such bed in a hotel room!

Oliveoylz said...

Papa ended up sleeping in the bunk bed on the second night? Did he enjoy the view from up there? hehehe. You are right man...the family room looked so huge in their website...interesting concept but come to think of it, could be a hazard if baby wants to emulate the brother and climb up there! Scary thought! Btw, the Sky Luge sounds like great fun...Really.

michelle@mybabybay said...

What hotel is this? Even have a bunk kids will love it.

bella said...

oh great bunk beds, bunk bed singapore , its an hotel?

jecsken said...
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Mark said...

Sounds like you had a very tiring but enjoying day. The room looks comfy and big enough but the bunk bed sounds a bit dangerous.