Thursday, December 10, 2009

Hong Kong Trip Nov '09 (Macau)

Since we're not too interested to go shopping and we've covered most of the places I have planned, we decided to make a day trip to Macau on Day 3. We planned to go to Senado Square, Ruins of St Paul's (which is within walking distance) and visit their casino (only hubby of course, as I'll be taking care of the kids). So we thought we wouldn't have to spend the whole day there. We took our own sweet time having dim sum breakfast (eating dim sum is always time consuming).

We took the cab to Shun Tak Centre. By the time we bought the tickets at the TurboJET counter, it was almost 12:30 pm. It didn't cross our minds that the seats may be sold out. So many people going to Macau on a Monday afternoon? *scratch head* We got the 1:30 pm ferry. So we killed time at a coffee house. By the way, the ferry departs every 30 minutes although their website says every 15 minutes.

The journey takes 1 hour. I was warned by Olive that we may get seasickness but I didn't prepare any pills. Anyway, they do provide vomit bags. I got them ready in case the kids got nauseous. But they were okay coz they fell asleep soon after. The sea wasn't too choppy. It sometimes felt like you're going through thick clouds while flying in a plane. I didn't feel too good though. I suspect it was because I was hungry. :p

3 pm ~ From the ferry, we went straight to Senado Square by cab. The architecture in Macau is very different from Hong Kong. The place has a more cultural feel. After all, it's in UNESCO's World Heritage List. Ate at one of the restaurants there. We ordered wantan and fish ball noodles and tried the famous pork chop bun. Very tasty and yummy!

~ pork chop bun : comes with a big bone too ~

After our late lunch, we walked to Ruins of St Paul's where we took more pictures.

~ Ruins of St Paul's ~

Next stop, The Venetian Macao-Resort-Hotel, a luxury hotel and casino resort in Macau owned by the Las Vegas Sands corporation. It houses the largest casino in the world. We found out there's a kids play zone so the kids can play while PaPa tried to get some "subsidy" for our trip. :D However he ended up making "donations". HAHAHA

It was so difficult to find the play zone. We kept asking for directions and I think we only found it half an hour later. Along the way at The Grand Canal Shoppes (mall with a Venetian theme), we did stop every now and then to take pictures.

Qube (similar to Kizsports) charges MOP90 per child for 2 hours. Each child can be accompanied by an adult. So for the 2 of them, it was almost RM80. It's money well spent coz the kids had a blasting time, I got to rest a bit (just have to follow them around) and PaPa got to explore the casino.

There are slides, climbing towers, computer games (free internet), pool tables, Wii games and a play area for smaller children (below 5). XY climbed high and low and tried all the slides. She was so daring she even tried the 90° slide (for a few times). Didi loved this particular big slide, that slides into a pool of balls. They went many many rounds of that, maybe 20 or more? I've lost count.

~ sliding down ~

~ into the pool of balls ~

~ covered in balls ~

~ climbing out ~

8+ pm ~ PaPa came to get us. After a drink at the food court, we went to the hotel concierge to buy the ferry tickets. The CotaiJet ticket counter is there. While lining up to buy the 10 pm ticket, didi declared that he wanted to do his "big business". So we had to take the 10:30 pm ferry. We took the free shuttle bus to the Taipa Ferry Terminal. The ferry ride is also an hour. By the time we reached Hong Kong (Shun Tak Centre), it was almost midnight already. And we've not even had dinner yet. :-| So we packed some nuggets and burgers from McDonald's and ate in the hotel room. What a loooong day!

Next up : Disneyland.


wenn said...

the venetian is definitely a spectacular place..

twin said...

very nice trip.
the pork chop bun is fit for 2 person man .. think i alone also can't finish. :)

SJ said...

like d mural at d ceiling

A smile from SJ =)

jacss said...

gosh...what a long & tiring day. midnight still haven't eat...not faint meh?? i thot wat a waste no authentic portugese food & tart??
at least u tried d pork bun lar :D

Fussy mum said...

Wow, there is actually a play zone for kids there. How nice...a place for kids to have fun. Can see that XY and didi really enjoyed themselves :D

michelle@mybabybay said...

Wow good your children can take such a long trip. Mine will surely ask when can we go back to the hotel.

Irene said...

itu pork chop bun looks scary! hahaha! yr kiddos really having fun :)

Dora said...

Yeah I heard ppl said pork chop bun is real nice in Macau but never know it comes with big bone too!...

Angeline said...

This post is GREAT!!!
Ok, first up, your pork chop bun looks really intimidating, but since you said its YUMMY! MUst try if I ever hop over there!!!!

Next, That Slide!!!! OMG!!!
oK, PARENTS can go in, but can parents play??? Cos whenever I go to such indoor play area, do all the slides and bouncing and what have you together with my boys too!!!
So if the place we go, parents are NOT allowed to play, then *humph* you know I'll never go there again!

Health Freak Mommy said...

The pork chop bun looks terrific - got bone jutting out some more! And the long slide is awesome, my kids will surely love it.

Mummy Gwen said...

Wow..Macau is an awesome place to visit. The pork chop bun is so unique. Must be having a tough eating it..hehe.

The slide is so big and fun. Not sure whether Gwen will be brave enough or not to try it..haha.

Lovely Mummy said...

Look like you all had a great trip. I didnt visit Macau when I went to HK in March. No time. hope can go Macau one day. :)

BabyBooned said...

ohmigosh look at that slide! even i would LOVE to go down that one!!

huisia said...

i love to eat the pork chop bun, emm...miss it so much!!

giddy tigress said...

I just had the tastiest ever "loh-por-paeng" from Macau - did you get any?

Sounds like a really FUN trip so far! :)

jazzmint said...

wow ur pork chop bun is super keng!! I didn't recall having mine with the bone LOL.

Cool la the casino got kidzone :). Make me so miss Macau

LittleLamb said...

nice nice....
so casino win how much??

Oliveoylz said...

The sea was really choppy that was not a "fun" feeling at all...and it definitely didn't help that we could hear people vomitting off and on :( You were really lucky...calm sea. Eh, how come your pork chop bun looks so "special" one...I have tried some in HK and Macau but it looked nothing like yours! Did you keep the bone as souvenir? hehe.

andrewjune said...

WOW! look at both CE and XY when they were at slides! they look so HAPPY! lucky them! looks like so much FUN for them!

btw, the pork chop bun sure looks HUGE! hehehe...

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

Pork chop bun, a very famous one. Taste good yeah? Next time I will try:-)

slavemom said...

Twin, it's not that big actually. I can wallop the whole bun myself. :)

Jac, won't faint lah... we had late lunch mah (at 3+). hehehe

Angeline, parents r NOT allowed to play. :(

Joyce, nope, we din get any foodstuff from HK or Macau. Lazy to carry them ard while we're sightseeing.

Rachel, din win wor. Made donation loh. :(

Olive, oni kept the photo as souvenir. :D