Friday, December 18, 2009

Hong Kong Trip Nov '09 (Disneyland)

Phew... the post on Disneyland, the last part of our Hong Kong trip, is finally up. Thank you very much for your patience. :D

We checked into Disneyland Hotel at 2+ pm. The moment XY entered the room, the first thing she checked out was the tv. After 4 days without their normal cartoon (Park Lane only has 1 cartoon channel and most of the time, they watched Scooby Doo), they were seriously deprived of PHDC and Disney channel. Naturally, they were glued to the tv showing their regular channels, which comes in 3 languages.

I am more interested in the room amenities. There aren't many Mickey stuff in the room and hotel (as compared to Hollywood Hotel), more of the 7 dwarfs -- on the boxes of the toiletries, the Do-Not-Disturb sign and furniture in the washroom. I thought the hotel is very attentive to detail but I was a little disappointed. They already know how many adults and children will be staying. But they only prepared 3 sets of things like the towels, slippers and bathrobes. Even after asking for an extra set on the first day, they still provided 3 sets the next day. However, we love it that they provide free internet service in the room and they didn't charge us for our boarding pass print-outs (we did web check-in) although we were told each print-out will cost HKD10 the night before.

Disneyland Hotel :

We checked into the hotel on Tuesday, went to Disneyland on Wednesday (whole day) and Thursday (after breakfast with Mickey and friends) and left Hong Kong on Friday. We managed to cover all the rides and shows, except Autopia. We went 2 rounds of Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters, Mad Hatter Tea Cups and The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh. The first ride we tried was Space Mountain (roller coaster ride). PaPa didn't want to go with us and the 3 of us still went in, thinking maybe we can sit 3 in a row. But XY had to sit alone while I sat with didi. Didi was very scared, I held his hand and he pulled my necklace, almost strangling me. Honestly, I was scared (basically closed my eyes the whole time) and worried about XY as she was sitting alone. But she was really brave. She thinks it's fun and wanted to go another round. We told her maybe we'll go again the next day. That didn't happen coz no one wanted to accompany her. hahaha Her parents are just too chicken! :p

We had brunch at Plaza Inn, a Chinese restaurant inside the park. We ordered a set for 2 persons (comes with noodles, roasted meat, mushrooms and vegetables) and some dim sum.

~ fountain on the way to the park ~

~ my 1st time sitting ON the carousel ~

Photo session with the characters :

Let It Snow Christmas Parade :

~ Sleeping Beauty Castle at night ~

~ night view of the entrance ~

Didi was so friendly, he kept saying (and waving) hello and goodbye to strangers, especially taxi drivers and bus drivers (Disneyland's shuttle buses). It can be quite embarrassing (for me) when he does that to other tourists or people who are not in the service industry. He insisted to wear the safety belt whenever he sat in the taxi or the bus. But on the flight back to KL, he refused to wear his belt and didn't allow me to wear mine. :-| He's one weird fella!

Breakfast at Enchanted Garden :

We went to the park for 2 days but we only watched the parade and fireworks once. The second day, we had early dinner and left before the parade. PaPa brought XY to the pool at 9pm. Didi wasn't feeling well so I fed him dinner in the room. Ordered room service (kid's meal of dried noodles and desserts) coz he was asleep when we had dinner in the park. Luckily his appetite was normal despite being sick. XY went to both the outdoor and indoor pools but only for a short while coz it was very cold outside and the indoor pool's very deep (didn't bring her floats along). Actually, we shouldn't have gone to see the Big Buddha on the day we arrived at Disneyland (since it was such a rush). Should have utilised more of the hotel facilities like the pool and activity room.

Bye-bye Hong Kong Disneyland!


Irene said...

gosh, seeing your pics with mickey & gang makes me wanna go disneyland so badly man! eeeeeek! and u guys manage to try all the rides, keng wor.

must at least stay in disneyland for a nite hor, at least a nite! cus can take pics with mickey & gang without Q-ing like mad!

the breakie place, looks kinda empty hor. great! haha! lucky didi is ok yeah, thruout.

im imagining if i were to work in disneyland hotel, wahseh (i was a hotelier last time) everyday see mickey & gang! haha...

LittleLamb said...

The hotel in Japan & US...when entered the hotel room, u will get plush toys on the bed, in the toilet. n we can bring them home for free. even the slippers..furthermore it replenish everyday!

Its really tempting to bring PHilip to HK disneyland soon since so many bloggers went recently.. ehehehhe would u like to go again next year?

2ma said...

i really regret not staying in disneyland hotel. maybe will do it in our next trip :D

i have yet to blog about my trip *hehe* hopefully, can do it before the year ends

wenn said... must be interesting staying there..had more time there..

Mummy Gwen said...

Wah....must bring Gwen to Disneyland already. Envy envy. Disneyland Hotel very expensive leh. Overall...good trip. :D

Oliveoylz said...

The snow white & 7 dwarfs toiletries set is super cute! I like!!! Did didi get lost in the maze??? hehe...The autopia is pretty silly la...but dunno why my boy went "gila" over it...had to line up 45 minutes just to ride a car for less than 10 minutes and he wanted a repeat immediately like almost 2 hours gone there. haha. Hope you didn't have to wait very long to get pics with the characters...dunno why, winnie the pooh and tigger always want to go "shee shee"...when it's almost our turn to take pics with them. haha.

Health Freak Mommy said...

I'm another person who wld close my eyes during roller coaster rides, haha! I am surprised that your girl wasn't scared a wee bit. She's super brave!

mc said...

looks so fun! i can't wait to bring the kids there too now:)

giddy tigress said...

Very very lovely pictures! Make sure you got strapped in sitting on that carousel! :)

Dora said...

Mickey & friends walk around in the restaurant must have cheered up many kids there!

Anggie's Journal said...

halllloooooo... seeing ur pictures make me wanna bring my boys there also ... BUT, hv to wait the 2 J almost same age as urs first , otherwise ... one sure got missing in the Disneyland ... hahhaha
BTW, great that u all having lots of fun :P such a good memory for the kids !! envy envy

andrewjune said...

wow XY is one brave girl, sitting alone!!! thumbs up to her...even myself do not hv the guts to do so!

love all the details of mickey everywhere...i thk it's every kid's paradise!

lucky them for having such greta parents to bring them there...hope it will be our turn one day...soon...

Rose said...

I am sure my little girl will enjoy meeting her favourite cartoon character, Mickey there. One day, but not next year since we would having 2 vacations to overseas next year......It would be a big hole in my pocket soon. hahaha! Merry Xmas.

jacss said...

love all yr slides...too many beautiful photos to cherish hor :D
i didn't stayed at disneyland hotel & had thought it to be very interesting & cute....but i'm with u over the dissapointment. toiletries still looked cute thou!
oh ya..looks like mumy is more fun & sporting than dady wor & XY is such brave little girl!!

twin said...

so fun so fun. we r planning a trip to disneyland too. they kids been bugging us. :) glad the kids enjoyed themselves!!

slavemom said...

Irene, for the buffet b/fast, we din jes pay for the food, we're oso paying to take pics with the characters. :p

Rachel, no plush toy. The oni thing we got to bring back r the slippers. :( How I wish we can go again next yr. But no budget liao.

2ma, it'll be a wonderful experience. And the trip'd be less hectic.

Wenn, yup, it gave us more time to do things at a slower pace. :)

Mummy Gwen, we got 35% off the hotel rate coz we bot a child's Annual Pass. They dun hv this promo the whole yr round. So do chk out their website for more info.

Olive, the photo session at the park, the longest we waited was 20 mins for Minnie. Not too bad lah hor. :)

Shireen, she surprised me too.

mc, I miss that magical plc.

Joyce, yes I did! That horsie was so high, I had some difficulty climbing up. hahaha

Dora, it sure is special to hv them walking ard while u're having b/fast.

Anggie, go when Jareth knows how to appreciate the Disney characters. If go b4 he turns 3, dun hv to pay for park entrance. :)

June, Rachael's a vy lucky gal too. She's been to Australia. ;)

Rose, wow... so nice. 2 vacations planned for next yr.

Jac, too many pics to share so make slide show easier. hehehe

Twin, I'm sure the kids can't wait.

Angeline said...

This is the 3rd time I'm looking at photos taken from Hong Kong Disneyland, and I like yours the most! Because you took photos of the kids' meal!!! soooo cute! or am I hungry again. *laugh*

JO-N said...

Wow, Ginie, I'm reading this post with Nyn sitting on my lap and she gets so excited with each photo she sees. Oh when oh when can I go to HK??

Lemonjude said...

Your post reminded me a lot of my Disneyland trip. A truely kid's paradise...and whats more you got your stay and have lovely b/fast with characters there...must be a wonderful moments for both CE and XY.

Your girl is brave enough for the roller coaster...I also close my eye when riding on it and don't see what is inside there..totally not enjoy for this...believe me or not, I even vomit aft that...i swear I won't go any of that anymore..

The castle lights on at night is sooo beautiful! all your pics are great too..I'm will be sre back again with Terry next time.