Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Fun @ Sunway Lagoon

Since we didn't bring the kids anywhere during the 1-week school holidays, we brought them to Sunway Lagoon on Monday. We went with BIL and family but in separate cars. We left first for an early lunch at Dragon-i Restaurant in Sunway Pyramid.

XY likes the la mian and she can finish one whole bowl herself. The last few times, I ordered the la mian with wantons but she didn't really eat the ingredients. So this time, I ordered a plain bowl of la mian for her. Didi also ate a bit of the noodles after he's finished his rice (brought from home). He's starting to like noodles, not just eat rice, rice and rice.

We decided to go on Monday, hoping the place wouldn't be so crowded as the Muslims' fasting month has started. I think the crowd's not that bad, as compared to our trip last year, which was really crowded with tourists from the Middle East.

The kids played mainly at Kalahari Kids. It's more suitable for CE and CH. After awhile, I brought XY to play at another area for children (with longer and bigger slides) but I don't really like it coz it doesn't look very safe with kids all over the place, mostly without adult supervision.

After playing for 2+ hours, it rained cats and dogs. It rained so heavily and the wind was very strong that all our things got a bit wet (we were at the deck area). We were stranded there for more than half an hour. Once the rain got lighter, we left for home at 4+pm. At first, we planned to have dinner there but the rain spoilt our plan. :( The kids' playtime had to be cut short too. Anyway, I'm sure they're happy and satisfied with the day's activities.


JO-N said...

Ginie, the kids must have loved the splash! It's rainy season and it rains almost everyday!!

Alicia said...

luckily can still played for 2+hours before its started raining... ei upload some photos

Annie Q said...

i'm sure the kids enjoy themselve, even just 2+ hours.

Jacss said...

thou only short 2 hours, i'm sure d kids love d place so much... but having said that, i still didn't managed to kick huby's butt to bring the boys there!! so near yet not been there but i myself been there during my teenage years...very long ago heh??!!
ehh, how come no photo to show keh??

andrewjune said...

wah XY can finishes her la mian at dragon-i? i can't-lah! salute her lah!

i bet they enjoyed their outing but most of all they enjoyed being with you!

Oliveoylz said...

Am so impressed that XY can finish a whole bowl of lamian! If SP can finish half bowl, am very happy oredi. Must be so fun to splash around! Shld make a trip there one day.

bp said...

that's wonderful that the kids got a splashing good time b4 the rains came! =)

Dora said... pix taken in Sunway Lagoon one? I didn't to this water park for years, ehm...will consider going this place for a freak out!

slavemom said...

Joanne, but it had to rain sooo heavily that day. :(

Alicia, sorry... din take much pics coz we were too bz taking care of the kids.

Annie, ya lor, 2 hrs better than nothing. :D

Jac, plan for it lah. The boys wud love it! And u can test if u still hv a strong heart. hahaha

June, wah... u're such a small eater.

Juana, he can't even finish half a bowl? Maybe he doesn't really like it. The next trip to KL, shld bring SP there.

bp, better than nothing hor. :)

Dora, they hv more parks now (like Extreme, Wildlife, Screampark), apart from theme park. Jes as fun for the adults.

jazzmint said...

wow looks like vy fun for them. I've not been to Sunway Lagoon before

slavemom said...

Jazz, Faythe n Vyktore wud definitely love that plc.