Wednesday, November 14, 2012

School Events

Since I have not been updating the kids’ activities for the past few months, here are some event highlights, from recent to old, for my record. :-)
CE : Annual Concert & Graduation Night, 4 Nov 2012
This is our 6th year attending the kindergarten’s concert (3 for jie jie and 3 for didi). And it’s our last year… till our grandchildren’s turn, I guess. hahaha This year’s theme was “People of Asia”. Didi participated in the percussion (playing the castanets) and a dance.

~ percussion performance by the 5- and 6-year-olds ~
~ receiving his graduation certificate from the Director ~
~ Mongolian Chopstick Dance ~
He received a prize for getting 2nd in the colouring contest. It’s a Zebra double wall mug, which he started using the next morning. :-)
~ 2nd prize for colouring contest ~
~ singing the finale songs with the teachers ~

XY : Hari Anugerah Kecemerlangan, 9 Nov 2012
On the last day of school, she attended the morning session as it was Awards Day. She received a certificate and RM20 cash voucher (from a bookstore) for getting 2nd in class.

~ a proud moment ~

XY : Ceriaton 2012, 22 Sept 2012
XY’s school organised Program Ceriaton to increase school funds. She was given a booklet to collect donation. She has anti-social parents so she only managed to fill up less than half a page (with names of close family members only :p). In conjuction with that programme, the students had a performance. XY and her schoolmates sang a Chinese song, with actions -- 幸福的脸 (xing fu de lian).
~ performing a Chinese song ~

CE : Sports Day, 15 Jul 2012
CE is in the red house. His kindy organises Sports Day once every two years. Previously, he was in the blue house. His event is called Hopping Ducks. It involved carrying a ball in between the legs and hopping in a sack. His team was last so he got a bronze medal. There were only 3 teams in the games so everyone got a medal. :-)

XY : Sports Day, 30 Jun 2012
Standard 1 to 3 students played games instead of participating in track events. XY’s class event involved moving the ball with a hula hoop and walking with the bean bag on the head. Her team got 3rd place.


wenn said...

congratulation! nice activities..

Wyson said...

We wont be meeting again i guess after this...going to miss u and anggie...sob sob sob..

Anggie's Journal said...

both ur kids doing well in school , good luck to ur boy ..."same to mine" haha .... hopefully we can meet again :)

prince n princess mum said...

Doing good @ school!

Oliveoylz said...

Congratulations to XY for excelling in her finals again. She's consistently good at her studies. Good girl...Time reallly flies. Your baby boy will be attending Std 1 in just weeks...He must be really excited to go to BIG schooll, right?

Nina @ BabyBoon said...

nice update, short and sweet ;) congrats CE and XY!!

MeRy said...

congrats to both kids...well done!!