Thursday, October 20, 2011

Passport Renewal

Woohoo! Exam's over! I mean my girl's exam. hehehe Today is the last day. So after sending her to school, I can breathe a sigh of relief. She's having a one-week (Deepavali) break next week and we'll be going for a short holiday. Will tell more after we're back, okay? :-)

While discussing about the flight tickets with PaPa, I realised my passport and didi's have less than 6 months validity. *ooops!* At first, we wanted to go to Immigration Department on Monday. But on Saturday night, while checking their website, I found out that the branch near us opens on weekends. We went on Sunday morning so that didi didn't have to skip school.

Reached Immigration Department at 8:10am. The queue was already very long, all the way to the staircase. Heard from the officer that the applicants that day were more than usual. I got my number at 9:30. Good thing we have a place to sit. Waited with didi while PaPa went for breakfast with jie jie. Kept him occupied with his Maths workbook (his choice). After jie jie came back, they kept each other company and made a lot of noise.

Documents were processed at 11:40. The officer checked to made sure the documents were complete. Thumb print was also taken. Next is payment. My number was called at 11:55. And at 12:30pm, our passports were ready for collection. Luckily we don't have to come back the next day as they close at 1pm. It took about 4.5 hours to get our passports done. Considered efficient, right? :D

For those who plan to go to Immigration Department to renew your passport, these are what you need :
1) Form - can be printed from their website (print on A4 paper, on both sides) or obtained from Immigration Department
2) IC - original and 1 copy (photocopy front and back of IC on the same side)
3) 2 passport-size photos
4) Current passport

And for applicants below 18 years old :
1) Form
2) Birth Certificate - original and 1 copy
3) 1 copy of guardian's IC (photocopy front and back of IC on the same side)
4) 2 passport-size photos
5) Current passport


LittleLamb said...

Going where....hK? Have a safe n enjoyable trip.

Wyson said...

i know which immigration u went, coz i went there too on sunday..but by the time i reach there , 10am , number have finished already... and the crowd..ishk, ishk, ishk, like got mega sales...LOL

i went there again on Wed, 9am reach there , 10:30am got my passport. The staff there really polite and should i said efficient too?? keke

oh, going for holiday again?? so syiok hor..enjoy ya..

reanaclaire said...

The other day I went on a Thursday with my girl.. reached there 2.15pm and back at 3.45pm.. no long queue, just take number from the counter and the next minute, we were called.. only have to wait an hour for the passport to be ready.. nowadays efficient..
My girl was below 18, I forgot to bring her birth cert... nasib baik the officer didnt insist on that, just used her IC and my IC, ok liow.. phew!

prince n princess mum said...

Nowadays renew passport really a lot more easier..

Sasha Tan said...

yeah we also went on sunday but too bad now don't have priority for children and old folks :(

Oliveoylz said...

Woohoo! We're all happy mummies aren't we? Exams are out and over and school holidays are just round the corner. Me and my boy are already in holiday mood! haha. Wow! Soooooo nice to get one week off for Deepavali! OMG! I didn't know Kebangsaan school so shiok! Enjoy your holiday, ya? Trying to guess where you are going....hehe. Can't wait for you to be back with your holiday adventures:) Happy holidays!

slavemom said...

LittleLamb, not going so far. HK... how I wish. :)

Wyson, aiyo... we shld've gone on a w/day. Can save so much time.

Claire, nowadays Immi Dept vy efficient hor. And luckily they're not so strict.

P&P mum, yeah, easier n faster.

Sasha, I saw got counter for kids below 2 yo. So we're not eligible anymore. :)

Olive, merdeka!! hahaha Oh, u can easily guess our destination. ;)

Mummy Gwen said...

Wah...what a relief..exam is over! Hehe. The immigration department you went to was quite efficient already lor. I have no clue where you are going. Anyway, enjoy your vacation!!!

Mummy Moon said...

I think it is efficient as you dont need to go for collection on the next day. Enjoy your holiday!

andrewjune said...

I'm thinking if it's not that far...I'm guessing you guys flying to spore? Am I rite? *wink*

Anyway doesn't matter where you go, most important thing is getting to spend more time with hubby & the kids & also to hv FUN!

Happy holidays and looking forward for more photos soon! Hv a safe trip, & happy birthday to you too!