Friday, December 03, 2010

Critter Land

SIL and I brought the kids to Critter Land (knew about this place from Irene) on Wednesday. We reached there at 10+ and we're the only customers there till the time we left. So nice to have the whole place to ourselves. :-) The boys spent a lot of time at the Lava Dome, where they erupt a volcano with foam balls and play shooting game -- shoot foam balls from compressed-air guns. XY loved the Sponge Drop, doing the flying fox (I enjoyed it too) and swinging on the rope. There are also slides, big and small. Funny that they're not too interested in the big trampolines but they always bug me to let them jump on the small one at home. *roll eyes* There's a dedicated area for little tots -- small plastic seesaws, ball pool, padded obstacles, etc.

Baby XN who's 7+ months old, didn't play much. Don't know why she didn't really enjoy the ball pool. But she loves to munch on the foam balls. hahaha She was model of the day as her mommy clicked away, practising her photography skill. The colourful backdrop is very nice for a photoshoot.

Since we have the whole place to ourselves, the big kids (the mommies :D) tried some of the slides and games too. shhhh... It was quite tiring for the adults to move around the place as we've to bend almost 90 degrees with crawling/walking tunnels above our head.

~ "wheeee!" into the pool of balls ~

~ isn't baby XN super cute? ~

~ 3-storey high slides, very "chi kek" ~

~ the high spiral slide ~

~ shooting game ~

~ trampoline area ~

~ the flying fox, this is fun! ~

~ "Jane" in action :D ~

Critter Land is located at The Heritage Village (opposite Mines).The entrance fee (for kids 1 to 12 years old) is RM15 on weekdays, RM22 on weekends, school and public holidays. They open daily from 10am. When we're there, got ample parking space. And it's free after you validate your ticket at Critter Land. After 3 hours of play, we went downstairs for lunch, at a Kopitiam. There's also a cafe and Persian Restaurant. That's all we can see near the Kopitiam area. Didn't explore the place as we're very hungry already. Hopefully can bring the kids there again before the school holiday is over.


Anggie's Journal said...

heh, thanks for sharing this, i bn looking for this kinds of playgrd too instead of going to Mid Velly . :P

ChloeRuoyi said...

The tall slides really looked very "chi kek" to an old mummy like me haha!

The kids are not interested in the trampoline cos they already have one at home. They are smart :)

Mummy Gwen said...

The kids really had a good eh. I'm definitely bringing Gwen here when we are back in KL. :)

The big slides got me excited too..hehe.

Mummy Moon said...

I also get to know this place from Irene... Must go there one day.. You went during school holiday the place was so quiet?

wenn said...

nice place for kids..

MeRy said...

Best place for kids.

jacss said...

wuah seh...i can sense who enjoyed the play & rides more, hahaha
i wonder if the slides can endure my weight, i also wana try the chi kik wan, LOL!!
must check out this place one day... when the buffalos r behaving well :D
the baby very chubby & kiut ooh..
and yr big girl reaaaaly enjoyed heh!!

Alice Law said...

Definitely kids' paradise!

Irene said...

hehehe... whole place to yourself, how cool is that. private playland. haha! u know, i took the slide once, scary laaaaaah but it was fun! haha!

andrewjune said...

i wanna go there next time looks like a nice place for the kids!

Mummy to QiQi said...

baby XN looks like her brother!