Friday, May 08, 2009

The Long Weekend

Thank you very much for all your get-well wishes and caring gestures. Unfortunately, the virus seemed to be very strong this time around. XY is fully recovered already but I'm not. But it's just the end part. I guess it takes a little more time for the "elderly". hahaha

Didi's condition worsened after my previous update. His throat infection spread to his ear (again!). He was really in pain this time as the doctor said his right eardrum was very red. Luckily it was under control after medication (painkiller, antibiotic and ear drops). Then he complained of pain and itch on his left ear on Tuesday morning. I just put the ear drop for him (for 2 days) and he's okay now. So I can also announce victory for him. Yay!

Okay, enough of this boring health issues. Here's a short update on our activities last weekend.

Went to IOI Mall after our bak kut teh brunch. The kids had a great time at Jusco's playland. After considering for months, we finally bought the Nintendo Wii. And also the Wii Fit a few days later (Tuesday).

That night, after the kids slept, PaPa and I played tennis (the Wii game lah :D) till about 3am. It was a really good workout as our t-shirts were wet (partly from exercise and partly from the hot weather). We swung our arms as if we're playing real tennis. Also moved our body (stretched a bit) to reach the ball. My arms and shoulders ached till now. And that proved how unfit I am. As we're so sticky, we had to shower before sleeping. What a night.

Just stayed home.

Went to KLCC. PaPa went to take a look at the Home Decoration Exhibition (Homedec 09) while I brought the kids to Petrosains. XY was quite fascinated with some of the experiments but I didn't have much opportunity to explain to her. I had to take care of the excited didi who kept touching this and that. There are games for the kids (and adults) to play and you really need to spend at least 2-3 hours there. I didn't go for the Helicopter Simulator coz I didn't want to waste time waiting for our turn. I'd think that should be fun.

Our tickets included DinoTrek, the dinosaur exhibition. It was quite interesting to see the different types of dinosaurs in 3D. They can move too! There're computerised panels where you can play games (dino puzzles) and read more information about dinosaurs. We took some pictures with their interactive camera and they'll be e-mailed to us (need to type in the e-mail address). But I haven't received them yet. Maybe it doesn't really work.

Pictures taken in DinoTrek :

~ Apatosaurus (I think) ~

~ Spinosaurus vs. Tyrannosaurus Rex ~

~ Maiasaurus ~


andrewjune said...

hi...was beginning to thk what happened to you...ahhh, hope you will feel better by this weekend...

wow, really love your "tennis" game hehehe...sweat some more...:D

btw, here's wishing you a HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY in advance :-)

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

Hope that you will recover soon.

CE and XY surely enjoyed their time in the Petrosains.

Oh ya, both of them are so beutiful. I think they are like mommy:-)

Mummy Gwen said...

I thought you went holiday or something. Aiks..still fighting the virus ah..kesian. Hope you get well sooon. Miss you already.

Alicia said...

Happy Mother's Day to you!

yatie SawaNiLa said...

PEtrosains??? never brought them there...

and when i read playing tennis after kid sleep, i thought you went to play real tennis.

last time i love dancinf games... really sweating

huisia said...

buy the yoga one, good exercise too.
Happy Mother's Day to you!

Fussy mum said...

Have not heard about this game before. But it certainly sounds good and fun :D My hubby was at Homedec too during that weekend. But lazy me, just stayed at home :P

wen said...

now u make me feel like dumping our PS2 aside and buy Nintendo Wii

JO-N said...

So, the dinosaurs are at Petrosains!! Wayne kept telling me that there are dinosaurs in KLCC but when I asked for details, he only said: "Don't know!".

jacss said... "cheng yan phak thor" until wee hours of the morning like that!! bet playing at such hour sure kenot make noise wan, ma like "kuai-kuai shue-shue" like that lor, LOL!!
we had been considering for a year now..but still haven't get it :(
sounds like a good exercise machine.
after been to the dinasaur exh at MV, dun feel like bringing d kids to dinotrek pulak...:(

JO-N said...

How are you today, Ginie? We are bringing the kids to see dinosaurs today.


I wonder if I shd get this Wii thing? I hardly have time to exercise, so this will suit me fine! Can play tennis at 11pm everynight. Mind to share more info abt this . i really dunno what kinda game this is wor. Thanks.