Thursday, May 27, 2010

3-in-1 Post

#1 His First Progress Report

Last Saturday, I went to CE's kindy for Parent-Teacher's Day. Discussed with his class teacher (Ms. S) on his progress in school.

This is her feedback :
* Good with numbers, alphabets and phonics.
* Can follow the lessons and do the work given.
* His writing is a bit weak. Needs more practice.
* Quite soft-spoken when answering questions in class.
* His attention span is very short during Chinese lessons. After a short while, he'll walk around or chat with his friends. :-| But he's not really like that in other lessons. O-oh, does this mean he's not interested in learning Chinese?

Overall, the teachers have no issues with him. And to my question if he's a samseng in school, Ms. S answered "No". *phew* :D

#2 Didi's Cough

Didi is still coughing. He didn't attend kindy this whole week. He developed fever on Monday morning and today is already the forth day. But his fever is stretching longer and getting milder. Hopefully that dosage of paracetamol taken this afternoon would be his last (for this round of sickness). Have brought him to see his paediatrician twice (Mon and Wed). Doctor suspected lung infection and prescribed antibiotics (Zinnat). He's using the nebuliser twice a day as his cough is quite chesty. He doesn't know how to spit out the phlegm. Although it breaks my heart to see him cough till he vomits, I guess it's a good way to get rid of the phlegm.

Ever since he took Singulair in early 2009, he's not had serious cough till now. I guess when you've not had it for long, it'll hit you hard once you get sick. *sigh* And just for the record, his weight dropped 0.45 kg in 1 week's time. I know it's normal, and he'll gain them back in no time, but still a teeny weeny bit "sam thong" (heartache) loh. :D Good thing is, he's still active as ever and behaving like normal, while taking up to 6 types of medicine in a day.

~ using the nebuliser (loan from SIL) ~

#3 Busy Week Ahead

XY's having her first exam starting Monday. The two assessments she had previously (for 4 subjects only) weren't calculated in the overall results, but this one is. So it's "important". And this time, all the subjects will be tested, 8 altogether, including Chinese. *Mummy sweating already* We'll be doing intensive revision from now till end of next week. So blogging and blog-hopping will have to take a backseat. Will sssslowwwly catch up with you all ya. And please, wish US luck! :-)

Lastly, have a great long weekend, everyone!

Monday, May 24, 2010

4 Years Old

Statistics (measured on 18-5-10)
Weight - 16.35 kg
Height - 107.2 cm

22nd May, 2010 ~ CE turned FOUR.
We had a simple celebration at home. Invited BIL and family over for dinner. Menu for the night : Kakak's fried bihun, sate (bought) and pizza (called delivery). Dessert was longan jelly.

This year, the birthday boy knew how to request for things. He wanted a cake in the shape of number 4. The minimum weight for that design is 2kg. So 2kg cake it is, just to fulfill the boy's wish. With so much leftover, we've to eat that chocolate sponge cake everyday, for the next few days. *jelak* He also requested for balloon decoration in the house (coz I did that for the past birthday parties at home).

We didn't get him any present. Totally forgot about it. :p Never mind, owe him first. Before his nap, I asked him what he wanted for a present and he said "Balloons". hahaha So while he was napping, I went downstairs to work on his "present". After some pumping, tying, climbing and sticking, he was very happy to see this when he woke up...

~ balloon decoration as requested by the birthday boy ~

He opened his (only) present before cutting the cake. CH gave him a Diego Mega Bloks set. Jie jie was very eager to help him unwrap the present but we told her to let didi do it himself. When he saw what was inside the wrapper, he went "Wah!". And they immediately played with it.

~ opening his one and only present ~

When I was getting the cake ready, the kids wanted to help with the candles. I guess to them, it's fun to poke the cake. So 2 candles for didi, 1 for jie jie and 1 for CH.

~ singing the birthday song ~

~ blowing the candles ~

~ cutting the cake with jie jie's help ~

Monday, May 17, 2010

Swimming Lesson

XY went for her first swimming lesson on Saturday. We've been talking about sending her for lessons since end of last year. But dilly dally until now. Shame on her parents. :p

We've enrolled her for lessons once a week. Her class has about 6 students. We actually wanted another time slot but the instructor said that class has more students. So it's better to go for the smaller group, more attention on each student.

PaPa fetched her there while I accompanied didi at home. Didi protested and cried but no choice, can't bring him for water play as he's coughing a little. Hopefully he'll be fully recovered soon, so both of them can go together -- jie jie learning to swim while didi playing in the children's pool with PaPa. And where will Mummy be? Enjoying fries by the pool side. *bliss*

~ learning to kick in the water ~

Monday, May 10, 2010

Mother's Day 2010

Last Friday, when I fetched CE back from kindy, he gave me the gift he made in school. Then I asked him what he has to say. As usual, he didn't want to open his mouth. His teacher reminded him what she's taught him earlier and whispered in his ear. But he still kept quiet, stuck out his tongue and gave his cheeky smile. His cousin, CH, on the other hand, was very verbal. He kept chanting "Happy Mother's Day" and "I love you" in the car. Even though I kept prompting CE, teasing him that I'm very envious of CH's mother, he still didn't want to say the words.

Then for no reason, after lunch, he came to me while I was at the laptop.
CE : Happy Mother's Day!
* Pushing my luck further *
Me : Some more? I...
CE : I love you.
Awww.... sent me straight to cloud 9. hahaha

And on the actual day, he also didn't want to say it when PaPa asked him to. But whenever he felt like it, he'd wish me Happy Mother's Day. This boy of mine, can never force him to say anything. He'll decide what and when he wants to say it.

~ He pasted the shapes. The rest, done by teacher. ~

XY made a card for me in school. She gave it to me in the middle of the week. She wanted to keep till Sunday to surprise me, but couldn't wait any longer. hehehe

~ XY's card : the wordings were given by teacher ~

There was no big celebration nor any present for me. It's okay coz usually I don't even get hubby a Father's Day present. :p As PIL are here, we all gathered together for dinner at BIL's house. It was just an ordinary day... and I'm not complaining. :-) How was your day?