Monday, June 27, 2011

Her Version

XY wrote a 'story' of her Sports Day and showed it to me this morning. I think she did quite a good job (ahem... syiok sendiri, obviously :D) although there were some spelling and grammatical mistakes.

In case you can't see it clearly (too colourful for your eyes hahaha), here's the original script :
Today was sports day.
Papa sent me to school.
Me and my friends lined up in front of my class.
My class teacher brought us to the field.
We waited till it was finally our turn.
We lined up and walked to the starting line.
We sat on the soft grass as we waited for a while.
After a while, it was time to play.
After the others played, It was time for me and my partner, Vinutana to play.
After the whole class played, it was announced that I was forth.
After that, I went for prize giving. I was fourth but still get medal. He He.
After prize giving, my family was ready to go.
I was tired, but happy.

She even wrote "He He" for laughter. Coz she saw that in the blog. :D Yeah, she likes to read blogs. Will stand next to me when I'm drafting a post or blog-hopping. Hmmm... since I'm quite slack in updating my blog these days, maybe I could "outsource" it to my little writer. hehehe

Saturday, June 25, 2011

First Sports Day

XY had her 1st Sports Day (in primary school) today. It's her first because she missed it last year due to a mild case of HFMD. Her class' event is three-legged race. Her team got last. But everyone still got a medal. The weather was quite good, not too hot. Moreover, a big part of the field was shaded by a tall building near the school. I doubt there's any shade in the afternoon. Imagine them being "baked" while having activities on the field (for afternoon sessions). No wonder she's not as fair as before. :-)

~ waiting for her event to start ~

~ jie jie with funny-looking didi ~

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Exam Pointers

XY's mid-year exam results are all back except for Art. I'm really satisfied with her results. I try not to make a big deal out of the marks (of coz the higher the better hehehe) but more on how she fared in the subjects. I'm very happy that she showed improvement in terms of careless mistakes. A good gauge is the Maths papers. For Paper 2 (subjective paper), she made 1 mistake and lost marks for 2 questions because she didn't show the complete workings. Definitely a big improvement. And that's truly rewarding for her "tutor". *big smile*

Everyday during the exam, I had to keep reminding her about the pointers we've discussed. Well, I'm no expert, just helping her to score better. :p Do share with us your exam pointers too. Some pointers that I drill into her :
* read the questions carefully.
* check back all your answers after you've finished the paper, as many times as time permits. Or at least 2 rounds.
* in Maths, use different calculations for checking. For example, if the question is an addition, take the answer to do subtraction for checking.
* for fill-in-the-blanks or matching questions, fill/match the answers that you are very sure of first. If you're lucky, whatever's left is the answer for the question you've left out. If there are more than 1, no choice but to make the best guess. :-)
* check your spelling. Although you choose the right answer, you may/will not get any marks for spelling it wrongly.
* check the back of the paper. Some are printed on both sides. Don't miss out any questions.
* for Maths, show the workings (how you get the answer). Otherwise, even though you get the right answer, you won't get full marks for that question. This was how she lost some marks. (Refer to picture below.) That was really tricky. So after this "lesson", I told her to show ALL the workings in future tests/exams, to be on the safe side.

~ so tricky, got the right answer, but no full marks ~

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

School Holidays With Grandparents

We went back to Penang to visit Po Po in the first week. Then Ye Ye and Mah Mah came to visit in the second week. The kids had lots of fun playing with their cousins. We didn't go out much when we're back in Penang. They spent a big chunk of time playing with PSP and my SIL's handphone. *shake head* Brought them to Youth Park to play at the playground one evening. There's quite a lot of people, although it was a weekday. I haven't been there for many many years already and the place has changed so much. The playgrounds and exercise equipments are well-maintained. Especially love the big trees surrounding the area, providing shades everywhere.

I also had a gathering with my secondary schoolmates. Finally got to meet Olive, SP and sweetie DQ, after a few unsuccessful arrangements. I think we haven't seen each other for 7 years. Had a great time catching up with the gang at McD. Did the right decision to choose a venue with an indoor playground (although that was just a mini one). I brought XY along and left didi at home with SIL. Smart move coz I was able to truly enjoy the food and company. Just needed to keep an eye on her from our table (we sat very near to the play area).

Ye Ye and Mah Mah stayed at BIL's house. The kids are very happy every time they are here coz they get to spend the whole day (except nap time) playing together with their cousins. And they also love the fact that we go out for breakfast often when their grandparents are here.

CE complained of toothache since Sunday (5/6). Brought him to the dentist on Wed (8/6) and was told there was nothing wrong with his teeth. But there's an ulcer on his gum. Glad to hear his set of teeth are in good condition but have to take note that his upper left molar is a bit dirty. Got to make sure we brush and clean it properly. I asked the dentist to clean his teeth and he was very cooperative, considering that was his first dental visit. But he disliked the taste of the toothpaste so he had to gargle very soon after the dentist started the cleaning work. So it was a few rounds of cleaning and gargling, with the chair adjusted up and down, up and down.

Within a week, XY lost 2 teeth. They came out on their own. And she's really cool about them, although there was a bit of blood. Upper right lateral incisor on 5/6 (just dropped out by itself) and upper left lateral incisor on 9/6 (while playing rough with didi). So now she's RM1 richer. Yes, this tooth fairy is quite stingy one. Only 50 sen per tooth. hahaha